Vodka 14 Official Review

I’ve seen so-called green vodka, and I’ve had several organic vodkas. Vodka 14 is both organic and green. The grain used is certified organic. The bottle, printing process, and the distillation processes all maximized for recycling of the product and to have minimum impact on the environment. Of all the green and organic vodka makers, the guys at Altitude Spirits, Inc., seem to work the hardest to achieve their environmental goals. What’s more, they love vodka, and it shows.

The Shot

The first thing I noticed about Vodka 14 is that it is subtly sweet. There’s no other distinctive flavor involved. The taste is completely pure and smooth to drink. It doesn’t get much better for a straight vodka.

The Mixed Drink

Vodka 14 mixed very well with a wide range of mixers. While the taste was detectable, it didn’t detract at all from the flavor of the drink. Mixed fairly strong, it’s still very easy to drink.


Erin said it’s a good mixer. While she could taste the vodka in the mixer, she said it didn’t burn and the smell wasn’t harsh.

Unfortunately, I was unable to share this great vodka with more people. As a shooter and in a cocktail, Vodka 14 is a great choice. What makes it better is the knowledge that drinking it is supporting a company that actively tries to minimize it’s impact on the environment and doesn’t just use it as a marketing tool.

My only regret is that it isn’t more widely available. However, you may be able to purchase it online.

Robert Brodrecht

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