Vox Official Review

Vox paid more attention to their bottle than any other vodka maker I know of. The detail they pay to every inch is impressive, from the ribs on the cap that reflect the ribs on the body, to the extruded dimples on bottom rim. Even the subtle graphic design on the label is beautifully crafted.

The vodka the bottle holds is no less impressive for the price range. The first time I tried Vox, I was astounded by the sweet flavor and the smooth texture. My pallet has grown since then, but Vox is still one of my favorite vodkas.

The Shot

It’s hard not to be biased about Vox. It was the first vodka I had that I believed was “high quality.” The flavor of the shot is still as sweet as ever, but the bitter flavors are more apparent to me now. The shot goes down easily with only a slight burning. The aftertaste feels like putting a 9 volt battery on my tongue. That sounds unpleasant, but it’s really a fun feeling. While I won’t tout Vox as ultra-premium like I would several years ago, I still think this is one of the better shooting vodkas around.

The Mixed Drink

The flavors in Vox cause a problem for mixed drinks. Vox made my screw drivers taste bitter. At first, I sneered at the concoction and wished that it tasted better for the review. After finishing my first drink, it tasted natural and I wanted more of the flavor. I’m not sure if this counts as improving upon the flavor of the mixer or detracting from it. Either way, the mixed drink, despite the awkward flavor was easy to sip or drink.


Erin says, “I’ve always liked Vox, at least as a mixer, and, as a shooter, it’s about the same as X Rated.” Erin, however, isn’t a fan of shooting vodka and tends to not particularly enjoy any vodka unless it’s mixed with something.

My taste in vodka has grown over the years as I’ve discovered better vodkas. Vox played a part in this, graduating me from Skyy. Vox is a great vodka for the money, and I still buy it on occasion. I recommend Vox to anyone who wants to move up from lower grade vodkas to something more palatable or to anyone who wants to leave a good impression on guests. It’s not the best vodka out there, but for the price range, there really isn’t anything better.

Robert Brodrecht

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