X Rated Official Review

I was browsing the local ABC store with Erin. I heard a squeal from my periphery. It was Erin. She saw the bright pink splashes on a bottle of vodka. It was top shelf and begging to be sampled. It was X Rated vodka. The name itself was enticing enough, but the sexy bottle sold it. We snatched the bottle and headed back to the apartment for a bit of vodka heaven.

This happened awhile ago. Since then, X Rated has been a favorite vodka of mine. Needless to say, I’m a bit biased.

The Shot

The shot is at first sweet with a dash of warm “red” tones. The warmth slips smoothly down the throat and gently settles in the stomach. With only the slightest, barely detectable bite, this is an ultra-smooth vodka, no need for a chaser.

The Mixed Drink

The mixer of the night is passion fruit juice, which is an excellent mixer for vodka. X Rated is one of the rare vodkas that actually enhance the flavor of a sugary-sweet mixer. Most vodkas reveal their bitterness in a mixer. X Rated reveals its sweet side, a rare feat in the vodka world.


Erin said X Rated is one of the best vodkas. She said the burn and ethanol taste are noticeable in the shot but the mixed drink was excellent. Daniel said it was very smooth and the taste of the vodka in the mixer was barely noticeable. Becca agreed with everyone’s assertions.

As an excellent shooter and mixer, X Rated is a rare breed of vodka. This is one of the best vodkas on the market, and an undeniable value. If it’s in your price bracket, you’d be remiss to ignore this sexy vodka (even if it is a little emasculating for a guy to purchase). My only complaint is that the X Rated website redirects to the X Rated Fusion liqueur site.

Robert Brodrecht

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