ZYR Official Review

A reader sent me a suggestion awhile back to try ZYR, calling it delicious and smooth. Unfortunately, it is only sold in a hand full of states. So, I put it in the suggestions queue on the off chance that I ended up finding it.

I happen to be in Las Vegas for a wedding. While looking through one of the liquor stores, ZYR happened to catch my eye. So, I grabbed it up.

The Shot

The shot was initially clean. It stayed that way until after the swallow, when it left a slight bitter aftertaste. There was almost no burn, and I didn’t need a chaser. It’s a great shooter in the Russian tradition.

The Mixed Drink

Being that we were in Vegas, the contents of the bottle ended up disappearing long before I had a chance to mix the vodka. Normally, I’d grab another bottle and review it further later. However, I was only in Vegas for a limited time. So, this review will remain incomplete until later.


Daniel did shots with me. He came to the same conclusions I did. It went down smooth with a slightly bad aftertaste. Daniel needed a chaser for the initial shots. Later that night, he was having no problem with the shots.

While I can’t make any claims about how ZYR mixes (though I think it’d be a good mixer), I can say that it is a good shooter. It fits well in the price range it sits.

Robert Brodrecht

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