360 Cola Vodka

360 announced a new flavor recently: Cola. I’ve never seen a cola flavor before on any brand, so I’m curious what this will taste like (and whether the idea will give sweet tea flavors a run for their money). Details are pretty light, but 360 promises “a true adult classic, featuring the sweet-and-spicy taste of old-fashioned cola.” I’m not sure what I think about the idea. How does a cola vodka sound to you? Have you seen a cola vodka that I haven’t?

Robert Brodrecht

  • Pascal

    360 Cola Vodka!? Sounds interesting…I will give it a try, absolutely! ;)


  • drigdon2289

    Had it the other day mixed with club soda, tastes just like a coca cola. Ill probably buy it again when Im in the mood for something different again.


    • Robert

      @drigdon2289 Interesting. I’m more curious now. I don’t think they have it in my area now, though.


  • Rich

    This seems pretty crazy but it might just be crazy enough to work!


  • Jeremy Logan


    Now, Code Red Mountain Dew flavored on the other hand…


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