Absolut Likes Copper Stills

We posted before about Absolut Elyx, but Marc Roland Rosales, Pernod Ricard Philippines commercial director, had a little more to add to the small batch copper stills used in the beverage in an article at inquirer.net.

Its latest product, Absolut Elyx, is created using a copper rectification still—“basically, a big pot of copper that distills the different ingredients into vodka,” said Rosales. “We use copper because it’s believed to be the metal that best purifies during distillation.”

He also extols the virtues of winter wheat versus wheat harvested in October.

“Other manufacturers harvest wheat during the usual season, which is October,” said Marc Roland Rosales, Pernod Ricard Philippines commercial director. “Absolut Vodka harvests the wheat after winter. It’s called winter wheat; during winter, the wheat that survives have the most flavor that’s locked in them.”

“Absolut believes the wheat harvested after winter are the ones that offer the best taste,” he added.

I’m really looking forward to trying Absolut Elyx if I could just find it…

Robert Brodrecht

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