An Expensive Bottle of Vodka

I thought Stoli Elit was an expensive bottle of vodka. The approximately $60 price tag (at least where I am) is paltry fee compared to some bottles of Russian vodka that found their way to Hope Mills, North Carolina’s ABC Store. Going for a mind numbing $1000, the bottle of Vodka Imperial Collection comes with an ornamental bottle and a container that resembles a Faberge egg.

Only four bottles were ordered by ABC Stores in North Carolina, and, surprisingly, at least one has been sold.

While there are places online to buy the most-expensive-gift-set version of the vodka (for, say, $1600 instead), I believe there are places to purchase a normal bottle of this vodka for $30 to $70, but my research may be incorrect. Whatever the case, don’t go looking for a review of the Faberge egg version of this vodka around here. If $60 is a little rich for our blood, $1000 would put us in the grave.

Robert Brodrecht

  • quinn.jay

    Well I just bought a bottle of Imperia 1.75L for $78USD in the Greater Dallas, TX area, and to me that’s an expensive bottle of vodka. I hope to make it last. I think that anyone who pays $1,000.00USD for a bottle of vodka is a person who has more money than sense. No vodka is worth that much money. It’s marketing, hyper, impulse buying, and yes, someone trying to use vodka as a fashion statement.


  • Ben

    Wow. On the other end of the spectrum, a friend just recently gave me this:

    Lowest of the low, lol. And the surprising part is, I didn’t think it tasted all THAT bad. I prefered Sobieski in 2 tests on 2 different days, but it wasn’t as pronounced as I expected. I’ve had worse. Hangover was nasty, though.

    The bottle tries to pass itself as traditional Russian… until you check the bottom of the label and see it comes from Cleveland, Ohio. I couldn’t stop laughing.


    • Robert

      @Ben, I haven’t seen Korski around here. If I see it, I’ll get a (small) bottle. Sobieski just got a price drop, so it’s now less than $10 a bottle around here. $10 isn’t a lot of money to drop for the extra quality for me. A lot of the cheap vodkas really try to harken back to Russia, but I think most of them are born and made in America. We have a ridiculously big market for cheap vodkas here in the states.


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