Convert Your Vodka with Still Spirits Top Shelf

Gizmodo has a nice review of Still Spirits Top Shelf. These small bottles of flavoring can transform your favorite vodka into almost any liquor. Using gas chromatograph, Still Spirits analyzes big-name brands such as Jack Daniels or Bombay Sapphire to determine the difference in the constituents of the liquor, then they create a liquid that contains some of those missing pieces. Adam Southard of Still Spirits puts it simply, “We’re rebuilding molecules from scratch.”

Overall, Gizmodo said it wasn’t as bad as they expected, and it seemed that some people actually liked Still Spirits Top Shelf.  While it’s not a strong recommendation, you can buy your own to try or,

Robert Brodrecht

  • Henry

    It seems pretty cool, but I have never gotten into the “Make Your Own Name Brand” stuff. I have heard good things about Still Spirits Top Shelf, but I think I would be more comfortable paying the extra dollar for the original stuff. Though I have never tried it, so I shouldn’t be so critial haha. Have you gotten to use it?


    • Robert Brodrecht

      This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I agree, though, that I’d rather have the real thing.


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