Dukes Goes NASCAR

The South has a lot going for it: Great food, great people, and plenty of beautiful country. However, two things stand out as essentially Southern: Sweet Tea and NASCAR. I’m not a big NASCAR fan (though Danica Patrick joining may change my mind for her driving or her looks), but I am a big fan of sweet tea. I’m also a big fan of vodka. If you wrap them all together, you get Dukes Vodka NASCAR. I’m a bit behind, but if you scroll down a little, you can check out Dukes’ NASCAR (and the ladies that lean on it, if that’s your cup of sweet tea vodka). Good luck on the track!

Robert Brodrecht


    I have tried 9 variaties of the SWEET TEA VODKA category…hands down, DUKES is the most AUTHENTIC, NATURAL TASTE made with REAL BLACK TEA….and it’s the ONLY BLACK TEA VODKA that is 80 proof…and THAT my friends, is in the puddin’….


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