Easily Infuse Vodka with Aqua Zinger

Infusing vodka is a great way to add some flavor, but it takes time to completely infuse. Things are looking up, though, with a new line of infusion bottles from ZingAnything. The Zinger infusers are double walled (so they don’t sweat) bottles with a chamber at the bottom to pulverize fruit. In 15 minutes, the vodka (or water) steeps in the fruit, infusing it with the fruit flavors. You can make up your own combinations to get any taste you want.

You can buy the Aqua Zinger at Amazon, but a Vodka Zinger version is on the way. If you’re in a hurry, the only difference between Aqua Zinger and Vodka Zinger is the mesh at the bottom that keeps the pulp from floating around. The Vodka Zinger will have a finer mesh.

Robert Brodrecht

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