Friday Links: Tito’s, Exclusiv, Double Cross, Industry City Distillery, NY Vodka Bars

In today’s Friday links, we have a story on Tito’s Handmade Vodka, a new “vodka startup” called Exclusiv, a review of Double Cross, a story on Industry City Distillery, and NYC vodka bar suggestions.

More on Tito’s

The New York Times has an article reminiscing on the early days of Tito’s Handmade Vodka. It’s as much a lesson on building a brand on a shoe string budget as it is a history of the finer details of Tito’s Handmade Vodka’s history.

More on Industry City Distillery

Fucked in Park Slope spent some time with Industry City Distillery taking a look at their hand-built distillation gear. If you were excited to find out about Industry City Distillery as I was, you’ll be interested in reading the article.

Double Cross

Larry Olmsted sings praises for Double Cross on the Forbes blog. While Olmsted is not a vodka fan, Double Cross was able to win him over with exceptional quality. We still haven’t gotten to do an official review, but we’re really looking forward to it.

Exclusiv, A Vodka Startup

Startup Addict is calling Exclusiv a vodka start up. The MSRP $9.00 vodka is said to have exceptional quality. The history of Exclusiv in the US starts with a Russian immigrant escaping Russia at the fall of the Soviet Union with only $300.

Top 5 Vodka Bars in New York City

If you’re in the Big Apple and looking for a good place to get vodka, CBS New York has posted their five favorite vodka bars.

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