Get Drunk, Not Fat

Are you dieting? Aren’t we all? I ran across an interesting website called Get Drunk Not Fat that lists common alcoholic beverages with their calorie content and the calorie to alcohol ratio. Vodka (unflavored, of course) has around 776 calories per 12 ounces, which is a 19.4 ratio. Compared to straight ethanol, which is 18.8 ratio but 1878.89 calories per 12 ounces, vodka isn’t a bad proposition. Couple that with the fact that unflavored vodka is carb-free, and it’s a no-brainer to put down the beer and pick up the vodka.

Robert Brodrecht

  • rbdeli

    That’s a useful reference, Robert. I have learned to enjoy alcoholic drinks like Martinis and Rob Roys; without all the juices and sugary mixes. Even my Margs, now, use very little of anything else but Tequila, fresh lime juice and maybe a splash of Contreaux or Triple Sec. Along, those same lines: Low Calorie Alcohol Drink


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