Higher Excise Taxes On The Way?

Digital City is reporting that we may soon face excise tax woes like those in Poland that have lead to a 75% decrease in vodka consumption. Digital City says higher excise taxes in the US on liquor, beer, and wine will be used to fund new healthcare measures.

Luckily, vodka drinkers have the least to fear. Liquor is set to see only 19% higher tax while beer will see 144% higher tax and wine will receive a whopping 233% hike. It helps to know though, that liquor already has a fairly high excise tax. According to Tobacco Documents, liquor’s excise tax in 1993 was 12¢ per 1.4 ounces, while wine was only 4¢ per 4.7 ounces and beer was 5¢ per 12 ounces. If this information is correct, it seems beer and wine drinkers will get the same raw deal liquor drinkers have had all along.

Of course, this all assumes the bill goes through.

Robert Brodrecht

  • quinn.jay

    Maybe we should start micro-distilling our own vodka and that can be us giving them the bird!


    • Robert

      I’ve thought long and hard about that…


  • Rich

    I am quite frankly outraged! As soon as I sober up tomorrow I’m going to be calling my congressman. I don’t care what it’s funding don’t touch my vodka!


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