How Do You Drink Your Vodka?

Different people like their drinks prepared in different ways. With the plethora of recipes for vodka, how do you like to drink your vodka?

I’m a bit of a minimalist. As soon as I get home with a new bottle, I put it in the freezer. The vodka lives in the freezer until it’s empty. That takes the chilling step (usually done with a shaker and ice, though there are more excessive ways) out of making a drink. I like freezing the bottle because it doesn’t “water down” the vodka.

I don’t go to bars often. Drinks are more expensive and I can never really enjoy conversation with my friends. That allowed me to drink vodka the way I prefer to: shoot and chase. If it’s a vodka I really enjoy, I may just sip on it straight. I’ve found I’m better able to gauge my sobriety (or lack thereof) this way. Without the distraction of mixers or additional alcohol of other liqueurs, it’s easier to keep track of things.

Now that I’m married, I’ve swapped to mixing with whatever fruit juice I have around the house. My wife prefers mixed drinks to straight vodka, and drinking something similar to what she drinks allows us to stay closer to the same level of sobriety.

Either way, it’s simple. I pour a couple cold shots, optionally put them in a glass, optionally pour cold juice on top, and drink. If I do happen to be at a bar and I want to drink slower, I go for a vokda and Red Bull or a madras if there are no energy drinks around. Whatever the case, no-frills drinks are my favorite. My favorite mixers are listed if you want to take a look.

Thanks to Austin for sending the question in.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Rich

    Shooting it is my favorite but I can’t always convince my friends to do shots with me, when I do mix I’ll usually go for a screwdriver, or just lime and a tiny bit of sprite. Once in awhile a White Russian is nice if I’m just kicking back and relaxing.


  • Jeremy Logan

    I’ve taken to mixing with Simply Lemonade or Simply Limeade recently. There’s always the shot though :)


  • Ben

    I used to freeze it, but just refrigerate now. Seems to mix better when its warmer, but I need it at least somewhat cold for shooting. I sometimes shoot to avoid excessive trips to the bathroom, but I mainly shoot to judge the taste and compare. I have found the differences between vodkas more noticable at warmer temps, so that helps too.

    However, I tend to mix my vodka most often. Typically with OJ or sodas… preferably Diet Mountain Dew or Code Red.


    • Jeremy Logan

      When I’m looking for the quick-n-easy buzz I’ll often shoot and chase it down with Code Red Mountain Dew. Man, I love that stuff.


      • Robert

        I do the Diet Mt. Dew for chasers when we actually have it in the house. The Mt. Dews seems to have that magic get-vodka-taste-gone ability.


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