In Russia, drunk driving means bottle drinks you!

Look, I know I ripped off the title, but could there seriously be a more appropriate one? Via Autoblog, I read about a project in Russia that aims to show the impact of drunk driving with a sculpture of a giant metal “vodka” bottle filled with cars that were mangled in drunk driving related accidents. The article at English Russia says the 12 meter high (close to 40 feet for us Yanks) weighs about 8 tons. “Extreme sculpture” is the first description that comes to mind. Apparently the idea is being used elsewhere in the world, too.

If you happen to read Russian, you can check out the original story.

Robert Brodrecht

  • VodkaRocks

    I happen to be of Russian origin and having read the article I must commend the efforts on behalf of Russian Road Police (GIBDD). At least someone is somewhat trying to address this issue of drunk driving. Drunk driving has really plagued Russia for many decades. Recently a new 100% Sobriety law has been passed as a legislative act aimed to curb drunk driving in Russia. As of where things stand right now, its a 0% Tolerance Level, which means that even a negligible blood alcohol content is severely punishable. I tend to think that its a good thing for Russia and its drivers.

    As for the label on the “Bottle Monument”, it literally says: “Drunk Up? Don’t start up! You will crash!”

    There’s got to be something similar in the U.S. of A.

    Don’t drink & drive!

    God Bless everyone!


  • Ben

    Nice. I logged on to ask if you’ve heard of Cooper Chase Vodka or Joss Vodka? They’re locally made (for Nebraska, that is) and started production in November/December ’09 respectively.
    A friend and I did a 3-way Cooper ($15)/Joss ($25)/Tito’s ($20) showdown yesterday for kicks. He liked Cooper/Tito’s/Joss in that order. I liked Tito’s and Cooper more than the Joss.


    • Robert

      @Ben I have not heard of Cooper Chase or Joss vodka, unfortunately. There aren’t many small-time vodkas that make it down to Alabama. I’ll keep my eyes peeled the next time I do some out of state travel. I don’t make it to Nebraska very often, if ever, but I do find myself in Colorado every few years. So, even if there isn’t wide distribution, I might still be able to find a bottle one day.


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