Is Sweet Tea Vodka the Summer Trend?

Baltimore Metromix wonders whether sweet tea flavored vodkas are the big trend for this summer. Sweet tea is a staple in the South all year round, but a nice glass of iced sweet tea is great for dealing with muggy summer days. Why not have it with vodka?

The downside of the article is that Michael Cook, the author, doesn’t know about the 80 proof power house called Dukes Sweet T vodka (review coming soon), referring to Firefly and Sweet Carolina as “the two” sweet tea vodkas. If comments here are true, Michael is really missing out. I personally thought the Dukes Palmer (Dukes Sweet T vodka and Simply Lemonade) was amazing.

What do you think about sweet tea flavored vodkas: passing trend or the next big thing? Make sure to leave us some drink recipes to try!

Robert Brodrecht

  • Jeremy Logan

    I’ve tried chasing vodka with sweet tea (I don’t advise it), but I’ve never tried a mix. I’d be curious to give it a go.


    • Robert

      I’m pretty sure I’ve done it, too, and didn’t like it. There is something about the flavored vodka (Dukes Sweet T, anyway) that makes it better. It may be that the tea is infused into the vodka or the amount of sugar in it. Either way, Dukes Sweet T vodka is pretty good to sip on.


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