Medea: Vodka with a Billboard

Engadget posted a story about Medea vodka. While I’m not sure how the vodka is, the bottle is pretty unique, featuring an electric sign board built right into the bottle. According to Medea, the sign can post 255 characters per message with a max of 6 messages. The video suggests the vodka is triple-filtered from a 7-generation Dutch distillery. It look interesting, but they don’t sell it in my area. You can check their website to see if they have it in yours or watch the video below to hear more about it.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Austin

    Did a store search…

    “Sorry no stores near United States, US. Please redefine your search criteria.”

    Oh well!! Looks interesting, wanted to pick up a bottle.


    • Dominic

      I saw that also, but used to be half owners of a state liquor agency in Ohio and it is available. I asked my old partner to order a case and they were there the next week, it comes in a case of 6 and in the county where I live the bottle is $43.85


  • Jeremy Logan

    Damn, not available here either.


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