National Cranberry Review Part 2

In my National Cranberry review, I tried to make a cosmo with the 24% ABV liqueur made from cognac, vodka, and cranberry. Admittedly, I did a poor job with the liqueur. I put National Cranberry aside for another day.

Recently, I decided to revisit the liqueur. A reader going by Afergi left a comment on the review that suggested mixing with club soda and a lime for a nice summer drink. Unfortunately, the day I got interested in National Cranberry, I was unable to find club soda. So, I grabbed some Sprite Zero, which I rationalized as a similar.

The drink is quite nice alone. National Cranberry, while easy to drink, does have a cranberry-tartness. The Sprite Zero offsets the tartness. However, I wasn’t completely happy. Luckily I had a bit of orange juice around. So, I put a splash of OJ in, and I am very pleased. The pinkish cocktail is evenly balanced and pleasant to sip.

As Aferfi suggested, “I think less is more with this one.” It’s definitely true. This very light touch to the already complex liqueur was exactly what I was looking for. I’m not sure if my additional thoughts are moot at this point. Taking a look at the National Vodka website, I don’t see National Cranberry listed. Regardless, if you can find a bottle, this is one way to prepare it.

Robert Brodrecht

  • rbdeli

    I like my drinks to be pure with as few mixed ingredients as possible. I guess that’s why I like martinis. Cosmos are okay
    For Christmas I was given a bottle of this really good Leopold Bros Cranberry Liqueur.

    I will tell you right off the bat, this stuff is very good straight up – no ice – no anything. But as a Cosmo, it’s even better:
    I make it like this:

    1 Part Cranberry Liqueur to 3 Parts Vodka..Shaken with ice, served in martini glass with a cherry. add an extra splash of cherry juice if you like it sweeter.

    Check out my review:
    Leopold Bros Cranberry Liqueur


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