Salute American Vodka Supporting Veterans

Riverfront Times has an interview with Pete Kelly, founder of Salute American Vodka. Salute American Vodka was created with the goal of donating to veterans.

In June 2011 I met some folks who had started a veterans’ charity. They were looking for a way to raise funds to help women and men who come back from serving reintegrate into society. Find a job, go back to work, start a business, whatever it might be. I was doing some pro bono work for them and we came up with an idea: What if we looked at the Newman’s Own business model — the people who make salad dressings for charity — what if we did that for veterans as the focus of a charitable contribution?

And I have a background in the spirits industry. I worked in marketing for a couple different major clients, so we started looking at that business model and that’s how the whole thing started. We developed our first brand, Salute American Vodka.

If you find a bottle, pick one up and let us know what you think.

Robert Brodrecht

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