Stoli Originals Casting Call

Wanna score $25K and be in a Stoli vodka commercial? Who doesn’t? If you’re a one-of-a-kind life-liver like Hugh or Julia, you might just be able to star in your very own “Would You Have A Drink With You?” commercial. Check out Stoli’s Casting Call FaceBook Page, and tell ’em how original you are (unless you aren’t a US citizen and/or you are reading this after they pick the winner in December 2010, of course).

Robert Brodrecht

  • Henry Martin

    Aye! It’s true… and now the ten top finalists have been announced… ten truly original individuals have been selected and are now being presented to the public at large… Check out one of the finalists here: ! Pirate Captain and master mixologist Captain Henry Martin (known on dry land as Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson)… Now… I know what you’re thinking: “Hey! Pirates only drink rum!” Well! That’s naught but ethnic profiling! I suppose we all wear eyepatches and have peg-legs, too, eh? Ha ha… Believe me… pirates love and appreciate their vodka! (You think we never sail to Russia?) Cheers, mates!


  • Jeremy Logan

    Who T F are Hugh and Julia?


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