Bruce Willis Supports Belvedere Restructure

Sobieski spokesman Bruce Willis will vote to restructure Sobieski’s parent company Belvedere in the wake of bankruptcy protection, according to the Global Post. Bruce Willis apparently became the top individual shareholder due to his promotion of Sobieski. I expected a top shareholder to support the company, but I didn’t know Bruce Willis was the top individual shareholder. You learn something new every day.

Claire Smith on NOLA and Vodka

It’s a real skill to be able to get to the beauty of the raw material through quite an aggressive distillation process. We’re talking about trying to get something up to 95% abv and still have echoes of the raw material and delicate nuances. The imperfections in vodka are the echoes of the raw materials. Much respect for Claire Smith, Belvedere’s head mixologist. More on her thoughts about vodka and New Orleans at NOLA Defender.

A New Trend In Cocktails

Sourish Bhattacharyya, writing for India Today, shares his experience at a cocktail contest hosted by Belvedere. The cocktails they make aren’t your standard faire. The descriptions read like something out of Iron Chef with cocktails using gelatin and even applewood smoke to spice things up. Bhattacharyya calls these mixologists modern druids. If this is where bar tending is going, I might actually start drinking cocktails!