The Top 5 Vodkas of 2009

At the end of every year, we try to compile a list of our favorite new vodkas. The only rule is that the list must be comprised of vodkas reviewed during that calendar year. This year, we almost forgot. Thanks to Mr. Martinez for the reminder. Without further ado, here are my favorites from 2009.

2009 Top 5 Vodkas by Quality

  1. Crystal Head
  2. Jean Marc XO
  3. Russian Standard Original
  4. Americana Luxury Vodka
  5. 42 Below

2009 Top 5 Vodkas by Bang For The Buck

  1. Svedka
  2. Russian Standard Original
  3. 42 Below
  4. Portland 88
  5. Monopolowa

What’re Your Favorites?

Let us know what your favorite vodka of 2009 is. You don’t have to follow my rules, of course.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Konfirmation Dankeskarten

    Hey! Nice List – I understand why Crystal is your number one. But if you ask me i would put the Russian Standard Original on the top! I love it.


    • Robert

      @Konfirmation Dankeskarten there was a very, very, very small margin between the top 3 by quality. I love Jean Marc XO and Crystal Head, but I would buy Russian Standard before either of them simply because the Russian Standard is reasonably priced.


  • taffyg2003

    I wholeheartedly agree about the #1 pick for “Quality”. Crystal Head is my favorite vodka, to date. Three thumbs up!


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