Ultimat Wants Summer Friday Perks

Ultimat vodka commissioned a study to determine whether “Summer Friday” perks were still widely available. Back in the day, New York ad agencies found that productivity on Fridays during the summer dropped to near zero. Instead of kicking people in the pants about it, they started giving people the day off (or a half day off) on Friday during the summer, and found that morale was boosted as well as productivity the rest of the week. I once had a job with that perk, and I agree 100%.

Ultimat found that 88% of people do not get Summer Friday perks. Of the 12% that did, most were in the Northeast and a surprising 41% didn’t take the perks because they had too much work to do.

Ultimat’s goal, though, was to drive home its slogan: Find Balance. Find Ultimat.

That leads me to ask, does Patron (Ultimat’s parent company) give Summer Friday perks?

Robert Brodrecht

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