Vodka Bottles by Arnell

Some images of vodka bottle designs by Peter Arnell have been making their rounds on the web. The brand is 1000 Arcres, a vodka, though I can’t find evidence that the vodka actually exists, since a search returns only links to articles about the packaging.

There is no doubt that this is gorgeous glasswork with very interesting and innovative designs in the realm of vodka bottles. The exteriors are very minimalist, allowing the viewer to focus more on the shape of the bottle than the print on it (and the stuff in it, maybe). This alone sets the Arnell designs apart from most vodka bottles, as they tend to emphasize the brand rather than usurp it with the bottle design.

What’s your favorite vodka bottle that you’ve seen on the shelves?

Robert Brodrecht

  • quinn.jay

    Vox and Imperia. Oh, that one with Van Gogh works, I love him, so that makes me a sucker buyer. I’d hate to think that the cool looks of a bottle can make my decision in buying, but sadly it has. I think your right, packaging can be used as a way to get you to not realize the vodka in the bottle is less that stellar.


    • Robert

      360 is good, but I definitely bought it the first time because the swing top was interesting. Luckily, though, the really, really bad ones don’t spend much on marketing or packaging. So, if it looks decent, chances are it’s not going to be too bad.


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