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Oma’s Cherry Infused Vodka

In 1952, Hedy Steinbart (our “Oma”) immigrated to America seeking a better life than Germany could offer after World War II. She brought along her resilient spirit, no excuses attitude, and her family recipe for vodka infused with natural cherries. From her home in Michigan, Oma could continue the tradition of making vodka infused with natural cherries using hand picked Michigan cherries. The tradition carried on through her children and now grandchildren. It will forever

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Salute American Vodka

Salute American is pure red, white, and blue from start to finish. American-made with corn and wheat grains from the heartland, it’s distilled four times for a smooth, clean taste. Salute American is more than a name. It’s our mission. One we carry out by donating $1 of every bottle sold to American Veterans’ Charities. So raise a glass. And join us in helping the heroes who bravely protected the land where this vodka is

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Seattle Distilling Vodka

Our vodka is handmade from hard red winter wheat grown in Moses Lake, Washington. This isn’t your standard tasteless vodka; it’s an Old World style spirit, unfiltered and full of character. When using the best local grain in your recipe, you want that flavor to shine. We like to say it’s a whiskey drinker’s vodka, because it’s full of personality.

Solid Granite Vodka

The name “Solid Granite” derives from its status as a new vodka created from fresh local grains, fermented ourselves, distilled ourselves, and bottled ourselves using pure New Hampshire spring water. This is vodka with character! Try it neat, on the rocks or mixed. Each style helps you discover its myriad complexities. We are dedicated craftsmen with a drive, passion and conviction to create naturally superior tasting spirits. Smoky Quartz Distillery, located on the Southern NH

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Cathead Honeysuckle

We make our Honeysuckle Flavored Vodka by hand in small batches. Our process is simple, just like our memories of pulling honeysuckle off the vine. We are proud of our fine Heritage. We support Live Music, Genuine Arts and the preservation of our deep souther roots. Enjoy our beverage responsible while entertaining the real aspects of life.

1.0.1 Ultra Premium Vodka

Life is about not knowing, taking chances. It’s the feeling you get at the end of the day, recalling. Being in the worst situation and making the best of it, experiencing failure. Finding that special someone and not letting them go, love. Closing your eyes to see what’s in front of you, accepting it. Doing things you had never dreamt about, not planning. Not knowing what’s going to happen next, ambiguity. Living isn’t just life,

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Twenty 2 Peppercorn

Distilled from corn using a proprietary system of micro batch pot stills. Blended to perfection with water from pristine northern Maine. Combined with real black peppercorns then allowed to rest until the natural flavor a have matured to perfection.