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By appointment to the Royal Danish Court. Frïs (say Freeze) is produced from all natural whole wheat and pure spring water. Our freeze distilled® vodka is also distilled six times and distinguished by its clean, smooth mouthfeel.

Russian Standard Original

Peter the Great arrived to the Neva river to create a new city, and indeed a new state. There, on what became Imperial city of St. Petersburg, he hoisted the Czar’s Standard. Two hundred years later, it was in this great city that D.I. Mendeleev created the highest standard for Russian vodka in 1894. Today Russian Standard Vodka revives the same formula, combining the finest wheat grains from the heartland and soft glacial water from

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Jean Marc XO

Hand Crafted. Made in French alambic stills. Nine times distilled and charcoal filtered. No 5333C. Distilled from four select varieties of the very finest French wheat. [On the back of the neck of the bottle:] EGE 17520 B/ARCHIAC. Bottled on 21/11/05. LOT XO 003 14:38.

Trump Raspberry

Raspberry. The world’s finest raspberry flavored vodka.

Trump Orange

Orange. The world’s finest orange flavored vodka.

Trump Citron

Citron. The world’s finest lemon flavored vodka.

Trump Grape

Grape. The world’s finest grape flavored vodka.


Pinky vodka with natural flavors. Each batch of vodka is hand blended by champion Scandinavian wine tasters using surprising natural ingredients: rose petals, violets, and strawberries to magically transform the taste of any fruit-based cocktail.

Trump Vodka

The world’s finest super premium vodka.


The Original Pearl Vodka. Hand-selected soft winter wheat combined with crisp, pure Canadian Rocky Mountain water. Expertly crafted in micro-batches and distilled five times to ensure the ultimate in smoothness and taste.