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Pearl is a 40% ABV vodka from Canada. The vodka is produced by Pearl Spirits. The quality is considered to be good. The average price is around $11.59 per 750mL. Rated 3 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

The Original Pearl Vodka. Hand-selected soft winter wheat combined with crisp, pure Canadian Rocky Mountain water. Expertly crafted in micro-batches and distilled five times to ensure the ultimate in smoothness and taste.

Pearl Vodka Review

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I’d heard about Pearl vodka before. I think it may have been in relation to a club in Los Angeles. I’d never tried it. Erin threw it out as an idea a few times, and we finally decided to give it a shot.

The Shot

Pearl just tastes bad as a shooter. It doesn’t burn, or dry the mouth. It just tastes really bad. It isn’t even the normal bitter flavor, and I can’t really put my finger on the flavor. Pearl is just a bad shooter. If you happen to be shooting it, make sure you have a chaser.

The Mixed Drink

Mixed, Pearl really shines. I was able to mix with several different mixers ranging from Pineapple Orange Mango, to straight orange juice. While the bad flavor colors the mixer a bit, it doesn’t detract too much. If you have Pearl, you really ought to mix it.


Pearl is a decent mixer for the price. However, there are much better vodkas for shooting or mixing in the same price range, like Rain and Tito’s. I’d suggest picking up those if you have a choice.

Rated 2 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Pearl Vodka Review By rbdeli

    No Rating

    This is a very good vodka and anyone who tells you otherwise has not acquired the taste for it. If you’re expecting a flavorless white liquid, then Pearl is going to take some getting used to. But, if you want a smooth vodka with character and complexity, Pearl is going to be a delight. Pearl is a bit heavier than your typical vodka. It has some dark overtones, including butter, caramel and scotch…Yet it is very smooth. If you don’t like this vodka, trust me – you haven’t given it a fair test. I’ve had Svedka, Ruskova, Ketel One, Grey Goose, Smirnoff, Fris, Finlandia, Eristoff, Belvedere, Belvedere, Rokk, Vikingfjord, Sobieski, and I’m sure many many others I cannot remember…So far, I’d much rather drink Pearl than all of them. I buy vodka for martinis and I drink it straight up with two olives, clean with no olive juice. If you want to mix vodka with cranberry juice than buy Taaka or Sobieski – both of which are inferior to Pearl. I think Sam and I are in agreement on this. Pearl is a great vodka that is not only smooth but rich with flavor.



    • Pearl Vodka Review By Joseph Lombardi

      My wife and I are not vodka drinkers. From time to time we try flavored vodka . We saw Pearl Chocolate Covered Cherry vodka and decided to try it. This is the best chocolate flavored vodka on the market. We have tried other brands of chocolate flavored vodka and there is no comparison. This is the best.

      We couldn’t find it at store recently so we asked why. They told us that the flavor is going to be discontinued. I called Pearl Vodka and they confirmed it. I can’t believe that they would keep flavors like wedding cake and cucumber and stop making the chocolate covered cherry.


  • Pearl Vodka Review By john allen

    No Rating

    I have been drinking Pearl for about 2 years. I found it to be a nice substitute for more expensive brands. I usually buy it by the case, so imagine my surprise when I opened the first bottle in my most recent purchase to find they have substituted the normal Pearl with some kind of rotgut. I normally drink my vodka chilled with olive, dirty, if you will, but this swill is not even suitable for mixing. I’m taking the rest of it back. Please, tell me what happened?

    john allen


  • Pearl Vodka Review By Sam

    No Rating

    The best vodka i have ever had, smooth no burn doesnt dry the mouth, straight on the rocks mixed whatever. At 20 bucks for the 750ml it blows away the compition hands down. I’m 52 years old from connecticut and have had every brand of high end vodka there is and if i go to the store and they don’t have Pearl then i go elsewhere to get it. ENJOY AND BE SAFE



  • Pearl Vodka Review By gamarst

    5 *****

    Very nice vodka. No rubbing alcohol taste. Smooth out of the gate with a shot (room temp). Nice with any wash. I drink with 7 and this stuff mixes well.



  • Pearl Vodka Review By Vanilla Gorilla

    4 *****

    There are some places that dress this vodka up and try to sell it for a premium price. Even Its initial offering at CostCo placed it slightly higher than the overdressed, overpriced, underwhelming brands like Grey Goose and Belvedere in the 1.75 L (handle) size. I have seen other places se lling the 750 ML for $30+ as the gentleman above mentioned.

    This is an absurd money grab by retailers. At BevMo nationally and state-run liquor spots in Pennsylvania, it was between $13 and $16, the price it should be sold at.

    Like Goose, it is five times distilled although personally I find it smoother. The plain vodka does not have much flavor but I do agree what it does offer is not really pleasant as a shooter. Who shoots vodka anyway? I drink other liquors straight but have never seen the appeal in doing it with vodka or gin. As a mixer, it really is tremendous and a two-star review undersells both its quality in mixed drinks and its value, in my opinion.

    I think it mixed well with citrus and other acidic fruits. Typically I hate both pomegranate flavored products and vodka/cranberry, but the Pearl pomegranate with cranberry is delightful and a hit to serve to female guests.

    Overall, Pearl is a great vodka for a variety of occasions. It’s more than cheap enough to share liberally, it mixes fabulously and what it lacks in taste it more than makes up for in smoothness.

    Vanilla Gorilla


  • Pearl Vodka Review By JimmyJoeBob

    4 *****

    I have to disagree with this rating, I drink mostly vodka and in the past week have tried a few different ones including Belvedere, Skyy, a couple of flavored Smirnoffs, and Exclusiv. This is a smooth wheat vodka with a sweet complex finish almost reminiscent of rum. I must have a different palate than the reviewer for this site because I couldn’t believe the 2 rating for Skyy. Usually I drink vodka and ginger ale aka the Moscow Mule (without lime) and this should go well.



  • Pearl Vodka Review By Harlan

    No Rating

    Robert- I disagree with you- this stuff is very drinkable straight- not even cold. no bitterness and no burn. Look folks, vodka is basically an industrial solvent gussied up to make people think its something great. It ain’t. Try Malt whisky for complexity. But we drink it because we don’t want to notice it. At 15 bucks at Trader Joes its a deal ( no I dont work for them) Stay sober(ocassionally)



  • Pearl Vodka Review By Ironfinger

    4 *****

    At $20 for 1.75L, this stuff is a great value. I was drinking it straight at room temperature. It was smooth and light. Not hot nor bitter. I then mixed it with grapefruit perrier and it was great there too. There is no reason to spend more than $20 on vodka. I thought it was better than Stoli.



    • Pearl Vodka Review By Chris

      Ironfinger – my man! Crushing ROOM TEMP PEARL VODKA and writing a review about it! For the record – I also give it a 4.


  • Pearl Vodka Review By Justin

    4 *****

    Great for the price.

    Titos = $18
    Sky = $15
    Pearl = $10

    It is very good when mixed, perfect for Moscow Mules.



  • Pearl Vodka Review By Dave

    5 *****

    My favorite. Picked over keitel one, grey goose and ciroc in blind taste test



  • Pearl Vodka Review By Trevor

    1 *****

    I made the mistake of buying Pearl at ABC a few weeks ago. I found it to be a positively revolting shot, and even mixed, the disgusting taste comes through. It reminds me of Absolut, which I also find terrible. No, I don’t care whatsoever if you agree or not.



  • Pearl Vodka Review By Urban Glaiator

    4 *****

    Blows away sky, absolute, smirnoff,uv, svedka and all others in price range

    Urban Glaiator


  • Pearl Vodka Review By Jeff

    4 *****

    We like Pearl. Great bang for the buck, obviously. Mixed with OJ or, more typically, Bloody Mary’s on the weekends. Used to drink Svedka for this, good value and taste, but we find Pearl to be just as good.



  • Pearl Vodka Review By Pandy

    5 *****

    Pearl is one of the best buys in vodkas. We drink it on the rocks with either olives or a lemon twist. It has a pleasant flavor with a hint of vanilla and a more complex flavor than many vodkas. It goes down smooth and is easy on the head. Now that I’m older, some alcoholic beverages make my head feel cloudy, which is a sign that the booze isn’t pure. Pearl doesn’t and leaves no hangover. We also like Grey Goose and Chopin, but Pearl is a much better buy and I would rate it just behind those premium branks.



  • Pearl Vodka Review By jhawker23

    No Rating

    This is incredibly terrible. It was marked down from $34.95 to $19.95. Buyer beware when it’s marked down almost 50%. I cannot recommend this for any use which requires consuming. Is there a niche market for something that tastes like this at retail price? Wow. No product has ever moved me to submit a review, hundreds of purchases and some random vodka makes me register and submit a review. I hope I save someone the disappointment and regret.



  • Pearl Vodka Review By tkinpdx

    5 *****

    Just bought a handle (1.75L) because it was on sale, plus rebate. $5.99 after rebate. Pleasantly surprised. I’m not a shooter, I mix, and Pearl is quite smooth. I’m usually a Stoli drinker, but for the price, wow! I’m a convert.



  • Pearl Vodka Review By R.E. Wallach

    5 *****

    Exceptional quality, great price point,smooth shooter, Having tried many of the high end products I find this one world class I think the Canadians have a solid winner here. I’m sold and I’m not being paid for the endorcement. A very good product.

    R.E. Wallach


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