5 Vodka

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5 Vodka is a 40% ABV vodka from the United States. It is filtered with Charcoal. The vodka is produced by World Spirits, LTD. The quality is considered to be good. The average price is around $15.09 per 750mL. Rated 3 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

Crafted and distilled five times from premium grain.

Distilled five times from the finest American grain, then charcoal filtered to achieve a truly superb vodka.

5 Vodka Review

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The second vodka we picked up at AppleJacks in Denver, Colorado, was 5 Vodka. 5 was the fallback. It was a cheaper vodka that was on sale, but the frosted bottle was eye-catching with its roman numeral 5 surrounding the Hindu-Arabic numeral 5. While the bottle made the sell, there is nothing about the bottle that made it more special than any other generic vodka.

We left the bottle out in the below freezing weather for several nights until we were ready to crack it open. We finally got around to it.

The Shot

The shot immediately burns and floods the mouth with a taste that leads to eye-squenching and mouth puckering. I felt the hangover coming on as the shot scratched down my throat and the chills ran up my back. This isn’t a shooting vodka.

The Mixed Drink

We had picked up Zero Carb Rockstar, since we’d never seen it before. It’s the pink version of Sugar Free Rockstar. It’s a good mixer, and 5 Vodka blends with it well. The vodka doesn’t overpower the mixer, though the tart tinge of less-than-perfectly distilled vodka is detectable. Overall, the mix is easy to swallow and pretty nice to drink.


My mom had a couple screw drivers and a Dew driver with 5 Vodka. She liked both and commented that she’d buy it again. Erin used Zero Carb Rockstar as a mixer. She said the vodka was easily masked with the mixer, and is good for people who don’t generally like the taste of vodka.

I think it’s a decent mixer, but I’d avoid it if you plan on shooting it.

Rated 2 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • 5 Vodka Review By Ron Danshire

    5 *****

    I’ve been drinking Tito’s for the last few years and quite satisfied. I’m in Florida this week and decided to try V5 with plain club soda and ice with a squeeze of lime. I love it. No after bite and a unique pleasant flavor. I would definitely chose this over Tito’s and hopefully can find it up in the North East

    Ron Danshire


  • 5 Vodka Review By Troy

    5 *****

    As good as goose for almost half the cost. Love it!!



  • 5 Vodka Review By PB

    5 *****

    I was introduced to V5 at an ABC liquor store
    in Inverness, FL and I bought the 1.75 bottle
    and never once regretted it. It’s super smooth
    and wonderful for mixing, Try it you will be
    amazed, better than absolute and greygoose!!!



  • 5 Vodka Review By Chaz

    5 *****

    I’ve been drinking vodka for over 30 years and V5 is the best around. This past year I moved to Florida and V5 was introduced to me by
    a salesperson at ABC Spirits. I drink my vodka over ice with a twist of lemon and V5 is superb. It is smooth and downright tasty. I use to
    drink Absolut and Ketel One but V5 is definitely better tasting, refreshing and a hell of a lot cheaper than Ketel One and also cheaper than Absolut.
    I now drink the V5 Citron and no one can beat it.



  • 5 Vodka Review By Carl

    No Rating

    I went to Florida for vacation and wanted a vodka to mix with my fresh orange juice. I bought a 1.75 L. of 5V and mixed it with my juice and it was absolutely delicious. I drank it everyday for five days and a lot of it , never once did I get a headache or hangover. Highly recommend it. Bottle was gone in 5 days.



  • 5 Vodka Review By gbnugget

    No Rating

    I recently found a new vodka called Black Dot. Black Dot is a divine vodka that tops the super-premium class with distinction. No, it’s not a purely neutral vodka without any flavors–if you want smooth watery tasting alcohol, Grey Goose or Level are what you want. But if you want a crisp, clean, delicious vodka with a unique flavor, Black Dot is the best that I have tasted in a long time. No harshness whatsoever with Black Dot. It’s easy sipping over rocks, or even mixed with your favorite fruit juice. Black Dot taste great at any temperature, although I prefer 40 degrees drinking straight



    • 5 Vodka Review By Erik

      V5 is the cheap mans ciroc, rasberry is by far the best, great to mix with sprite, coke, gatoraid, anything, i never have experienced a bad hangover from it, and its become one of my favorite vodka’s i give it a 4.5 out of 5, and the price is great


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