Americana Luxury Vodka

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Americana Luxury Vodka is a 40% ABV vodka from the United States. It is filtered with Charcoal. The vodka is produced by Americana Spirits Company. The quality is considered to be amazing. The average price is around $21.36 per 750mL. Rated 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

Produced and bottled at the nation’s oldest family distillery, Americana Luxury Vodka is a classic representation of American Craftmanship.

Americana Luxury Vodka Review

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The first thing you’ll notice about Americana Luxury Vodka is the gorgeous, patriotic bottle. The red, white, and blue themes echo the goal of becoming a purely American luxury vodka. Americana is working its way into shops and bars across the United States with the goal of changing what people think of as “the vodka we drink when we go out.”

The Shot

Americana Luxury Vodka is fairly flavorless in the mouth. If there is anything, there may be a very slight Russian-style bite. It sits well and doesn’t alter my mouth’s environment. The swallow is smooth and doesn’t even suggest the need to be chased. A light, pleasant ethanol flavor is left behind to remember the shot by.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Americana Luxury Vodka with Sugar Free Red Bull, one part vodka for two parts mixer. It drank fairly well. The vodka accentuated the bitter flavors of the Red Bull a little, but was ultimately easy to drink. If mixed with something sweeter, it would probably go unnoticed.


I was lucky enough to have a few people over for a friend’s birthday while sampling Americana Luxury Vodka. The sample group was diverse with both males and females with varying degrees of vodka experience.

The majority found the straight vodka to be pleasant to drink. Daniel and JJ agreed that the vodka was smooth, didn’t require a chaser, and didn’t have much of an aftertaste. Others, such as Erin, Heather, and Miles noted the purity of the vodka, mentioning that they only noticed the ethanol flavors. Heather and Erin weren’t enthused by the shot, as they typically mix vodka, but their opinions were positive after getting over their knee jerk reactions.

I said above that Americana Luxury Vodka wants to change people’s perception about what vodka you should drink at a bar. For me, Stoli is the vodka I drink at bars because it is cheap and bearable. So, I did a side by side comparison. The Stoli, with it’s bitter flavors and chaser begging burn, didn’t fair so well next to Americana. While the prices I’ve found place Stoli a little lower on the pole, Americana is a better bang for the buck than Stoli and may be worth spending a little more for the better quality.

Whether you’re out on the town, or spending a night at home, Americana Luxury Vodka is a great vodka to sip or mix. If you can find it, and it’s easy to spot the most patriotic bottle on the shelf, it’s worth the experience. Grab a bottle before someone else does.

Rated 5 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Americana Luxury Vodka Review By taffyg2003

    5 *****

    Wow! Americana Luxury Vodka is outstanding! I would say that it rivals Crystal Head in a martini. While slightly less silky smooth than Crystal Head, it was even sweeter and had a more cooling and stronger flavor. In that regard it reminded me somewhat of the very tasty Russian Standard Original, but without most of the Russian’s bite. Even neat, it was very sweet, tasty, and enjoyably drinkable. I recently tried 360 neat, and this vodka is far tastier and even smoother. This is a great vodka that is about a third less expensive than my top rated Crystal Head.

    At this point, it ranks second on my list of vodkas for martinis, and is the only 5 star rating I have given besides Crystal Head. At $27 per 750 ml. bottle, it is only $4 more than Russian Standard Original, so I will likely splurge on it and it will replace the Russian Standard in my freezer as my “regular” vodka.

    As an aside, I recently read on the Russian Standard website that vodka should not be stored in the freezer, but rather chilled to about 41- 44 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent breaking down the chemistry benefits of the distillation process so that the flavor nuances are preserved. Whether there is any detectable difference or not, I have actually been storing my vodka in my refrigerator lately instead of the freezer.



    • Americana Luxury Vodka Review By taffyg2003

      I really enjoyed the two bottles of Americana Luxury Vodka that I had at home last year. Too bad that I can’t find it anywhere since. This seems so surprising, especially because it is made in nearby NJ. I hope that I get another chance to try this delicious elixir again soon.


      • Americana Luxury Vodka Review By taffyg2003

        I finally found a bottle of Americana Luxury Vodka! The martini that I made with it last night reminded me why I liked this vodka so much. It was very flavorful and sweet, perhaps more so than any other non-flavored vodka that I’ve had. Even the aftertaste is wonderfully tasty. There is a somewhat muted Russian vodka style bite when swallowed, which seemed more pronounced than I had remembered, but it added a generally pleasant cooling effect to the cocktail rather than undesirable harshness. Perhaps, if the swallowing bite were toned down just a little bit more to match the overall impressive smoothness when sipping, this vodka could be at the pinnacle of my martini vodka list rather than just one of several impressive 5 star contenders.


  • Americana Luxury Vodka Review By Rev Monkey

    No Rating

    This is by far my new favorite American Made Vodka. So smooth…like an alcoholic ice water!

    Rev Monkey


  • Americana Luxury Vodka Review By Todd palla

    No Rating

    I have become a big fan of Americana Vodka. Very smooth and enjoyable.
    I had it at Pia Maria’s in Manhattan, and purchased it at Plaza Iiquors in Jackson, NJ as well as Max’s Liquors & Shop Rite in the Freehold NJ area. Great value for the money!

    Todd palla


  • Americana Luxury Vodka Review By frankieqb

    No Rating

    I am surprised to see you have Americana Luxury Vodka on the list. It shows that you are a valid site with up to date information. I live in the NY, NJ area and Americana is making some noise and starting to pop up in many accounts. I know someone who knows one of the brothers who created the brand. The fact that it is made locally somewhere in NJ, and obviuosly in the United States was good enough for me to not only try a bottle, but now made Americana my vodka of choice. I agree it is slightly higher in price than those imports, but the fact that they use the American workforce to produce this product, makes it all the more reason I became an Americana Luxury Vodka fan.
    PS cool web site with a great 3–40 sec flash intro ,



    • Americana Luxury Vodka Review By Robert

      We do our best! It’ll be great when they get in stores around here.


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