Double Cross

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Double Cross is a 40% ABV vodka from Slovakia. The vodka is produced by Old Nassau Imports. The quality is considered to be good. Rated 3 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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  • Double Cross Vodka Review By Gallandof

    4 *****

    While I dont consider myself an vodka snob by any means, it is my drink of choice and have had a fair deal of different types (crystal head, grey goose, titos, double cross, hammer and sickle, etc…). First and foremost, it is on the pricey side, up there with crystal head. from my experience, it is definately a vodka to serve chilled. I had a shot when I first got home and it was still room temperature and it had a very clear Vodka taste. but once chilled that taste is non existant and very smooth, almost aromatic on the palet. Also when mixed with OJ, or red bull the vodka was barely noticable even at high ratio mixtures. if it were a cheaper vodka it would easily get five stars, but for the price theres better choices.



  • Double Cross Vodka Review By Taffyg2003

    4 *****

    Double Cross makes a very nice martini; sweet, fairly smooth, and with a relatively mild burn. I would give it 4 stars overall. Given that it costs around $50 per 750 ml. bottle, however, there are more affordable vodkas of equal or better quality.



  • Double Cross Vodka Review By A.Stanton

    1 *****

    This vodka tastes terrible, worse vodka I’ve ever tasted – Slovakia???
    Give me K1 or Stoli, you guys have got to come back to Earth



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