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Finlandia is a 40% ABV vodka from Finland. The vodka is produced by Altia Corp and imported by Brown-Forman Beverages. The quality is considered to be good. The average price is around $17.01 per 750mL. Rated 3 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

Made from pure glacial spring water and six-row barley. Distiled and bottled by Altia Corp. Hlesinki, Finland.

Finlandia Vodka Review

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I picked up Finlandia because it was a mid-priced vodka. There is really nothing special about it. It is a vodka from Finland. I cannot link to their website,, because the “linking policy” is shit. Normally, I would link to their site, ignoring Finlandia’s disapproval due to breaking one or more of their “linking policy” rules. However, I think it’s a better statement to not link to them at all (and make fun of them) than to link to them despite the draconian and, ultimately, unenforcable “linking policy.” So, to put it softly, sucks, is a shit website, and really has no clue about the methods and practices of the Internet. There is no way Finlandia can actually enforce their “linking agreement” and they are pathetic for pretending that they can. So, screw off, Finlandia, for being rediculously stupid. If I wanted to live in the dark ages, I wouldn’t link to your site; I’d… well… time travel back the the Dark Ages, I guess.

The Shot

I chilled shots of Finlandia individually. At full chill, it wasn’t bad. The aftertaste was bitter and it burned on the way down, but it was otherwise decent. After the bottle had time too cool off, I shot it at a less than below zero temperature. The super-chilled shots were deceiving. Finlandia is pretty bitter at all points. It doesn’t exhibit the mouth drying features of cheap vodka, but it was simply bitter on entrance, in the middle, and on the way down. Finlandia is definitely not a shooting vodka.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Finlandia with Welch’s Strawberry Breeze (strawberry, orange, and pineapple). Finlandia is a pretty good mixing vodka. The vodka definitely takes the sweet out of the juice, but it is still very palatable and pleasant to drink.


Daniel and Erin both drank the same cocktail concoction as I had. They both liked it. Erin said it masks the flavor well, and Daniel said he enjoyed drinking the cocktail. Daniel had the misfortune of shooting Finlandia warm. He very nearly vomited.

If you’re mixing, Finlandia is a good mixer. If you’re shooting, there are better options. If you want to browse a website, don’t browse It may turn out that their terms and conditions (which I cannot link to) allow Finlandia to claim your very soul once you load the home page. You have been warned.

Rated 2 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Finlandia Vodka Review By Sam Smithson

    4 *****

    I am puzzled by all the lack of positive vibes for Finlandia.

    Maybe the quality of it varies by market (I am in Australia), but in my experience it is one of the cleaner, smoother and most reliable vodkas I have tried. I can also say with 200% certainty and lots of experience it is one of the better vodkas the morning after.

    Sam Smithson


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By Mike G

    5 *****

    This stuff is absurdly smooth and easy to drink. I can’t even buy it anymore because I can drink it like water. Over a recent lost weekend, the wife and I (mostly I) killed a 1.75. A 1.75 in two days. I was hungover for three days. I literally can’t buy vodka that is this easy to drink.

    Mike G


    • Finlandia Vodka Review By Bar

      100% agree – it’s the smoothest vodka I’ve ever had


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By tombomb

    5 *****

    Have been drinking Finlandia for nearly 40 years. For the price you can’t beat it. On rocks or with club soda it makes a great drink. Finlandia has never been the ‘fad” vodka, but it has been steady and consistent. Just realized my favorite Italian restaurant stocks it in its bar, double win!!



  • Finlandia Vodka Review By Kevin

    No Rating

    I thought it was a good vodka for the price. Here in Indiana 1L is $16 bucks in a pretty cool bottle.

    I’m a fine Tequila kind of guy bit felt in the mood for some cheap vodka to try.
    It has a very sweet taste when shooting.
    Clean mellow burn and mouth feel.
    I didn’t mind shooting this room temp at all.

    I find it tastes much better than most hyped up over marketed vodka, and the price is great.

    Still, my favorite vodka is Chopin, though I rarely drink vodka anymore.



  • Finlandia Vodka Review By jhm_home

    No Rating

    I disagree with the Vbuzz rating and agree with many of the comments here. I drink Fin on the rocks with a bit of lemon and maybe a splash of cointreau or chambourd from time to time. Good in the morning too. In St Paul MN i just bought a case for $9.97 per liter! What is shooting? A waste of spirits in my opinion, sip and enjoy.



  • Finlandia Vodka Review By Peter

    5 *****

    Fantastic vodka can’t go wrong with the price for quality!!



  • Finlandia Vodka Review By rbdeli

    No Rating

    I think you are under-rating, Finlandia, just a tad. Your typical vodka drinker is looking for a sweet, water-like smoothness, but Finlandia is just a bit different than that. It has a bite that hits your tongue and roof of your mouth that is almost spicy and carbonated. I would describe it as peppery. However, unlike the initial bite, the finish is quite smooth and enjoyable. You will learn to appreciate Finlandia for its unique bite and liveliness. I’ve rated it here:



    • Finlandia Vodka Review By harold

      Agree completely with rbdeli. Finlandia is a very neutral vodka with a slight peppery, “carbonated” finish. Not really what I would call bitter at all IMO. Definitely one of my faves.


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By skiseiw9

    2 *****

    I couldn´t agree more with VodkaBuzz, I wouldnt recommend it for shots or on the rocks, however when mixed is not bad better than Smirnoff or Absolut. I tried it with Disaronno and lemonade and it was very good.



    • Finlandia Vodka Review By Robert

      I’ll have to try that!


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By Robert Roehm

    No Rating

    Linking policy was probably put up because of Finlandia’s wallpaper collection. They don’t want links to them being put in areas where underaged users can get to the scenic images. You could be able to link to them (as well as the few others with similar policies) if you adopted a “legal drinking age” policy on this site.

    Robert Roehm


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By Tiintola

    5 *****

    I love Finlandia. Having been born there and now living in Canada for 50 years I miss my motherland. I love it in a White Russian, you get a bit of the black licorice flavor (Salmiakki) and it doesn’t over power the Kahlua, add the milk and away you go.

    Only problem I have is living in the Maritimes (New Brunswick) I can’t get it here anymore. I’m trying to get my son to send me some from Albert since they still sell it there. Last time I had some was at his wedding and he made sure it was Finlandia they served.

    Now I’m on the search for a smooth, light tasting vodka to replace it. Last one I tried was horrible, (won’t name it) but I didn’t waste it. I just added chocolate milk to the mix to sweeten the flavor a bit more.

    Can you suggest something that would be close to the flavor and mix well in a White Russian please?

    If I could find a way to have it brought back to the NBLC stores I would.



  • Finlandia Vodka Review By AV RAMPERSAD

    5 *****

    Vodka from the top of the world..



  • Finlandia Vodka Review By Dominik MJ - the opinionated alchemist

    4 *****

    Finlandia is really great neutral vodka [if there is something like a great neutral spirit].
    It is very lean, very pure – very good for infusions or other stuff, where you need the most neutral alcohol you could get.
    And who [sane person with taste buds] is drinking vodka anyway [in cocktail, it lacks character, which makes it pretty the worst mixing agent under all quality spirits, neat you could drink it like Russians…] is drinking vodka anyway?
    It definitely competes against vodkas, which are much more expensive…

    But let me talk about this review for a moment: it doesn’t make sense. Perception is reality, and the perception of a product will change how we taste the spirit. So the taster knew about the brand, they knew about the price […] and they were tasting accordingly.
    Most neutral vodkas are very close in taste [basically neutral vodka is pure ethanol and water – how big difference can you make with these two ingredients?].
    That’s why vodka is always driven by insane marketing!
    And marketing changes your perception – hence your taste!
    Make blindtastings, if you want to do it right…

    Dominik MJ - the opinionated alchemist


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By al jablan

    No Rating

    I bought it because I ran out of Croatian Slivovic as I cant get Hungarian barack or any other Palinka and
    the positive vibes of Finns in general.
    I was amazed to read that it is made of barley and not rye or potatoes or whatever.
    What the hell is six row barley. The French doesnt help orge a six rangs is no clearer.

    I am laughing my head off as I just had a casserole of barley lake trout whitefish smoked lake trout and fresh local thick green beans which only Italians can grow.

    I saw my erstwhile favourite Southern Comfort on the shelf but it had a sickening chemical agent orange colour and was in a plastic bottle which to me is as welcome as microwaved food or GM crops. Besides I have just crossed into being a diabetic so I not only stopped all sugar but am trying to find alcoholic drinks with the least calories and sugar content though I know that even O red wine is verboten to diabetics.

    So it s a sentimental good bye to all drinks I enjoyed for the past half century.
    Southern Comfort I remember as very syrupy sweet so I ll never drink it again.
    It is nearly impossible to find any reliable scientific information on any alcoholic drink.

    So you will be surprised as I was shocked that I thought champagne like all good wines must be made of nothing but fermented grapes is chaptised which is a lying misleading cheating word for adding sugar. Yes folks champagne gets its kick bubbles a higher ethanol content from increased sugar. Yeacch.
    Never again. So champagne and Southern Comfort are off limits for me forever.
    They join the crossed off list along with that abomination triple sec.

    There is a lake in Lake Superior Provincial Park which the Finns used to frequent and is rumoured to be littered with whiskey bottles as a hundred years ago the Finns couldnt get their vodka and had to resort to Canadian rye. They would of course drink the whole bottle and throw it overboard as they had no room for the fish otherwise. The Finns wouldnt have to fish very hard as the fish would jump into their boats.
    Dont rush up here the lake has been dead for decades as all the fish died of alcohol poisoning.

    Looks like two stiff shots of Finlandia is beginning to have its effect.
    I already kissed good bye to Lambs black Navy Rum which I drank by the gallons for a decade or so in green and black tea as they switched to plastic bottles. Good bye and good riddance.
    But in any of these and many others I couldnt get any information on chemical composition additives sugar content etc
    The only exception was Molson 67 3% beer which is 67 calories as against most beers which are about 15O
    or more in bass or guiness.

    Now that I have licked sipped tasted three shots of Finlandia it seems to be sweet. So it may be the first and last bottle I ever drink unless I find out the info I seek.

    Decades ago I visited a cousin in Slovakia who only spoke a few words of German I only Hungarian English and some French. But he got three litres of Slovak Slivovica and asked me to taste which bottle he should get for me. All of course moonshine. Lets try the first. Quite good but a bit harsh. OK lets see the second.
    A bit too smooth. Must be for women. How about the third bottle. Way too bitter but has a nice warm afterglow. Maybe have another sip of the second. Nah I think the first was better. Hm quite good. But I forgot the taste of the first. Yes this is the smoothest. No I think the third beats it hands down. OK this is getting interesting. Lets see just for the sake of argument the second. I think it will pass. However I am still partial to the third. So it went and the language barrier melted away and we began to understand one another very well in all five languages. And needless to say we forgot the reason for the taste challenge and the three litres of moonshine slivovic were empty. The decision was they are all good enough to drink.
    And who needs to learn Hungarian or Slovak? Slivovic speaks in all tongues like Finlandia.

    Then we were in France with my wife not the cousin and everywhere we went they had signs dégustation des vins. Thats all fine by me especially Chateauneuf de Pape which they were practically throwing at as by the case. So I asked that s all very well but where is dégustation des femmes. For which I got a barack a peach or apricot ie a bump on my head from my sweet other.

    See a quarter bottle of Finlandia is beginning to work.

    I d hate to measure my blood glucose. level.

    al jablan


    • Finlandia Vodka Review By al jablan

      for throwing at as by the case
      read throwing at us by the case

      Now I am at nearly half a bottle of Finlandia and am beginning to get a bit of a heartburn.
      Time to snack on some smoked Lake Superior herring with some Finn rye crisp crackers
      and that should settle it. Na I am lying it s only two fifths gone. Only an idiot drinks on an empty stomach.

      What is my opinion of Canadian or American wines? They are OK for Americans and Canadians
      but are otherwise unfit for human consumption.
      I once went insane and bought five bottles of Canadian wine for inexplicable reasons.. One taste and… So I gave all of them to a hunting buddy who was thrilled but not nearly as much as I who got rid of them so easily.

      Actually the only two drinkable North American beverages are Canadian beer and American Bourbon. The rest….

      I must have passed from cheerful stage to amorous to sentimental to quarrelsome.

      Dont ever drink Hungarian black cherry palinka. It makes you think you are the Hulk and wanna
      smash through brick walls.

      Finnlandia just makes ne wanna listen to my wife sing Vainamöjnen and go fishing with my old Finnish fishing buddy.

      An old Montreal joke where they hold a contest.
      First prize one week in Toronto
      second prize two weeks in Toronto
      third prize three weeks in Toronto.


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By larry herrick

    No Rating

    I have 6 of your cranberry glasses and your cranberry coloring is coming off of the stems and bases. These are looking horrorable. What would you like to do?

    larry herrick


    • Finlandia Vodka Review By Robert

      Larry, I doubt you’ll get an answer here. I’d try looking for contact info on their website:


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By Matthew12222

    3 *****

    Bah, I am rarely swayed by others experiences. Of course I tried this. I had to say Vodkabuzz is completely correct. Unless you enjoy extremely bitter stuff that is difficult to swallow. It’d say it falls in the same boat as absolute. It adds to a mixed drink.
    For 23$ bucks a pop it isn’t the best buy for me. Perhaps I’ll try it again some time :/



  • Finlandia Vodka Review By vodka enthusiast

    No Rating

    1. Vodka is a spirit made to be mixed with cocktails. If you are shooting vodka alone, you’re an idiot.

    2. Unfortunately, Finlandia does not have as much hype in the US as it does globally. But yes, it is known as one of the finer vodkas around the globe (just pretty unheard of in the US markets).

    vodka enthusiast


    • Finlandia Vodka Review By Alice

      Or you could be Russian!


  • Finlandia Vodka Review By simplyvmail

    2 *****

    Yucky with a taste of licorice. Not smooth and relatively undrinkable straight.



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