Military Special

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Military Special is a 40% ABV vodka from the United States. The quality is considered to be bad. The average price is around $99,567,100,671,859,760.00 per 750mL. Rated 1 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

Triple distilled premium vodka. Military Special Vodka.

Military Special Vodka Review

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My good buddy Moody, Erin, and I took a trip down to Columbus, GA to visit my other good buddy Dale. Dale is in the Army and had been in Iraq for almost a year. After a month or so, we finally put together a trip down to visit. To mark the occasion, Dale went to get a bottle of 360. However, he was unable to procure such, and opted to get Military Special Vodka instead. He found this particularly amusing since he was in the Army.

The Shot

Due to the low price and plastic bottle, I wasn’t expecting much. I must admit that I was seduced by the image of the tank and jet. Military Special was horrible. The flavor was bitter and the aftertaste was just wretched. The vodka pulled the moisture from my mouth, as most cheap vodkas do, which was very unpleasant. Military Special Vodka is not a good shooting vodka.

The Mixed Drink

After having my stomach destroyed, as though the jet on the bottle dropped a biochemical payload down my throat, I was afraid of the mixed drink. I dropped a bit in a quarter glass of Monster energy drink. To my surprise, it wasn’t horrible. I couldn’t taste the vodka as much as I anticipated. I didn’t mix it very strong, though.


I somehow managed to get Moody to try it straight with me. Moody rarely drinks and never gets drunk. So, it’s a special occasion that he’ll drink alcoholic beverages. Moody coughed a little and took a long pause. He then commented that the aftertaste was the most horrible he’s ever experienced. Dale managed to slip out of doing the review.

Military Special is a typical bottom-shelf vodka. It mixes a little better than Taaka, but isn’t significantly better or worse. If you’re in the service and on a budget, Military Special Vodka might be a better fit than the alternatives.

Rated 0 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Military Special Vodka Review By mike vietnam veteran

    4 *****

    cheap ,does the job for ptsd!!!!

    mike vietnam veteran


  • Military Special Vodka Review By STU

    4 *****

    I think it’s funny how so many people say that the Military Special taste bad. I’m not going to say that it’s as good as top self but it’s a good alternative. I have people over to my house quite often and I think it’s funny when people talk bad about cheap liquors. See the thing is…I have a secret…they only drink Military Special at my house. About a year ago I decided that I wanted to pay off my house, so I started trying to find ways to cut corners. I started buying Military Special (Vodka, White Tequila, Spiced Rum and Whiskey) and refilling the higher end bottles. I use Sky Vodka (the label holds up for a long time), Jose Cuervo Silver, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Jim Beam bottles. So far nobody has commented about the taste and it’s been over a year. I’ve heard people make comments that they can’t drink the cheap stuff because they can tell the difference in the taste or they will have a wicked hangover in the morning. Most of the ethanol used for vodka are made from bulk distillers like Archer Daniels Midland (Decatur, Illinois) or Midwest Grain Processors (Muscatine, Iowa) and sold to vodka entrepreneurs who refine by add spring water or flavors and a fancy bottle. This is like so many other brands in America but as long as we have people shoveling out money to believe that it makes them a classier person it will continue to make other people rich. I for one have now paid off my house but will continue to save my money and buy Military Special. :-)



    • Military Special Vodka Review By Vic

      Right on—I’ve heard that people cannot tell the difference between vodka & whiskey when blindfolded! I’ve never tried it.


      • Military Special Vodka Review By John

        Are you being sarcastic? I hope so…


  • Military Special Vodka Review By Kristy

    3 *****

    Weak in the mouth. Wicked burn in the throat. Doesn’t settle well. Weird stuff.

    If you need a shot of something to get to sleep at night, this’ll do yah. And it’s cheap. Just don’t destroy your mixers with it. For all its strong smell and burn it actually feels weak, and takes a little more than most to get a buzz. But it doesn’t leave any bad aftertaste in the morning like a lot of the expensive ones do. Recommend eating a little something with it though, either during or before. Again, it doesn’t settle well on its own.



  • Military Special Vodka Review By CHINOOK

    5 *****

    Recently rediscovered Military Special Vodka at a local Air Nat’l Air Guard base I hadn’t visited in 20+ years. Of course I paid a lower price than at my usual Liquor store. Very surprized at the quality, smoothness and taste of this Vodka compared to the usual brands I buy (Nickoai, Barton’s) Tried a shot of MSV at room temp and was very pleased with the tripled distilled product. Will go back for more . . .
    I’m a long time Vodka drinker with a fresh squeeze of lime, and a local brand of Tonic Water.
    This is something I could drink on the rocks . . .



  • Military Special Vodka Review By Marky Mark

    4 *****

    So I buy military special every weekend. Is it cheap? Yes! Does it get you drunk? Yes! See those are the two questions I have when I buy liquor. By the third drink I dont care anymore and/or am too drunk to care about the taste. I mix the drinks anyways so its all good. The only reason I didnt give this a 5 is because grey goose does actually have a better taste. Other than that, Ill continue to buy this and be embarrased when I walk up to the check out register knowing that everyone thinks Im a cheap ass. Oh well, Ill be getting drunk that night and for cheaper too I bet.

    Marky Mark


    • Military Special Vodka Review By DontWorryAboutIt

      It does indeed get you drunk, however, one time I drank half a fifth and lost the ability to read for about 12 hours. Dangerous stuff.


  • Military Special Vodka Review By Lou

    4 *****

    I paid $12.50 for a 1.75 L bottle. Is it the best vodka? Hell no. Does it do the trick? Hell Yes. I even drink it straight on ice. It is not as bad as others say. I normally drink Chopin, Titos, or G Goose. But for the price, I’m sold.



  • Military Special Vodka Review By Leo Lemoine

    No Rating

    If you say you can tell the difference in vodkas when mixed, you are a flat out liar!

    Leo Lemoine


  • Military Special Vodka Review By Doug

    No Rating

    Several weeks back I purchased several of the 1.75 liter bottles of the Military Special Vodka at the Wright-Patterson AFB Class Six store. I opened a bottle today and I immediately detected an overpowering and strange odor. The vodka tasted as bad as it smelled. I contacted the Class Six store to see if there had been any other complaints or a recall of this batch and there were none. I then tried to send an e-mail to Atlantic Distillers, Baltimore, Maryland to find out if anyone else complained, but could not locate an e-mail address for the company on-line. I have used this brand for years so I am familiar with it and am now very concerned this bottle is not safe for consumption. I capped this bottle and opened another one which tasted like the normal Military Special Vodka.



  • Military Special Vodka Review By dan

    1 *****

    it doesn’t even mix well into jello shots. if you are there just picked up a decent bottle. a fifth is no more than 15 bucks.



  • Military Special Vodka Review By BAYLISS

    No Rating




    • Military Special Vodka Review By Robert

      @BAYLISS If you’re really worried, I’d take the bottle back to who you bought it from and see if they think it’s contaminated. VodkaBuzz isn’t affiliated with whoever makes Military Special, so we don’t have a course of action.


  • Military Special Vodka Review By James

    No Rating

    Military Special makes a range of bottom-shelf liquors that are sold at the PX on US military bases. The PX is basically a tax free general store for military personnel and their families, and prices on American-made liquor, beer, and cigarettes are outrageously low. Military Special is the cheapest of the lot, and is specially produced for these stores. Apparently the DOD sympathizes with alcoholics and nicotine addicts in its ranks.

    Military Special rum and bourbon are tolerable. The gin and vodka are fairly ghastly, but no worse than other bottom shelf liquors. Personally, I just love the fact that taxpayer money is somehow involved in their production. Go America!



    • Military Special Vodka Review By Robert

      @James The guy who commented before you picked up the bottle at the PX at Fort Benning, GA.


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