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Rokk is a 40% ABV vodka from Sweden. The vodka is imported by RÖKK Vodka Company. The quality is considered to be great. The average price is around $7.94 per 750mL. Rated 4 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

The carvings found on the Rökk Stone from 9th Century Sweden represent one of the most treasured symbols of Viking History. In honor of the Viking spirit, RÖKK Vodka celebrates Sweden’s timeless tradition of finely crafted vodka. Swedish spring water and freeze filtration are the key to RÖKK Vodka’s exceptional smoothness. Like the Viking spirit itself, RÖKK Vodka is bold and undeniable.

Rokk Vodka Review

4 StarStarStarStarStar

RÖKK vodka (called Rokk from here on) is a vodka that I swear I’ve heard of, but can’t remember anything I’ve heard about it. We’re a big fan of Svedka here at VodkaBuzz, so let’s give this Swede a try.

The Shot

I’m terribly surprised by Rokk Vodka. Svedka has been my go-to budget vodka for awhile now, and Rokk is almost identical in every way. It’s flavorless with a mild bitter on the swallow, very smooth, and doesn’t require a chaser. It’ uncanny that these two vodkas from the same country with very similar bottles have a very similar flavor. Rokk may be slightly lower grade after getting a little more familiar with the vodka, but it’s really not a big difference. If you like Svedka, you’ll like Rokk.

The Mixed Drink

At the suggestion of the recipe book attached to my bottle of Rokk, I mixed with Red Bull at around one part vodka to two parts Red Bull. Rokk slightly bittered the Red Bull, but it’s acceptable if you’re into the Red Bull and vodka.

I also made a screwdriver at the same mixture. Again, Rokk slightly bittered the orange juice, but it makes for a very good cokctail overall.


I gave Erin the keyboard to say what she thought:

I only took a half of a shot, and it wasn’t completely chilled, but still I have to say it wasn’t bad. Honestly, I usually avoid breathing when taking shots for the purpose of getting drunk. Actually tasting a shot when I’m reviewing is always nerve-wracking because I’m worried it’s going to be repulsive and make me gag. Rokk was not repulsive, and there was no gagging. There was an ethanol aftertaste that I didn’t love, but most vodkas are guilty of that. The burn was minimal, and the aftertaste negligible. It’s definitely worthy of mid-shelf recognition, with props for the bang for the buck. Basically, it didn’t suck.

Overall, Rokk is a good vodka. If I were standing in a liquor store looking for a budget vodka and it came down to Svedka or Rokk, I’d simply pick the cheaper one.

Rated 4 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Rokk Vodka Review By susan adams

    No Rating

    This product was the best citron vodka Ive ever tasted. I was buying it by the case because its being discountinued what a shame. I bought the last 10 bottles the store had in st louis what do i do know

    susan adams


  • Rokk Vodka Review By peachykeen

    5 *****

    Excellent vodka for price, as the article says. Was planning to get a bottle of Smirnoff or Svedka, ended up with this instead.

    When mixed, if you go a hair heavy on the mixer, there’s no bitterness or aftertaste. No burning on the way down, just a bit warm later on. Shooting, not bad at all, smooth and none of the odd little taste Svedka has.

    Overall, definitely one of the better vodkas for price, not a bad vodka to drink at all. Between Svedka and Rokk, I would go with Rokk every time (in my opinion, Svedka has an unusual over/after taste, which isn’t all bad, but not always what I want).



  • Rokk Vodka Review By Nate

    2 *****

    Im a Viking Fjord out of the bottle drinker and if im out and waiting for my next shipment to show up i turn to svedka …. ( theres nothing cleaner then a porato vodka to drink, but svedka is a nice grain . Rokk has a bite and abit of a denatured alcohol taste and A burn to it. Rokk would be good as a mixer thats about it ,skal!



  • Rokk Vodka Review By HardCase

    4 *****

    I drink mine straight, sometimes with some ice or a squeeze of lime. In trying it full on found actually that it has a bit of sweet on the aft end, didn’t at all get any bitterness. Seemed pretty clean all the way down. I’ll give it a 4, little or nothing on the morning side, if I happened to overindulge. Probably overpriced in my book, and Svedka is a back up when I can’t find Pearl. Overall, ok.



  • Rokk Vodka Review By bigbuckles and meggan

    5 *****

    This Shit only 5 dollars a fifth in nap town!!!!!

    bigbuckles and meggan


  • Rokk Vodka Review By Jen

    3 *****

    Thanks for the reviews. I just found out what one of the above reviewers found out. It’s being discontinued. The local store had the 750ml bottle (all flavors) for $4.99. Apple will be my first try.



    • Rokk Vodka Review By Anthony

      So, does that mean it’s being discontinued for good?


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