Segram's Extra Smooth Vodka

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Segram's Extra Smooth Vodka is a 40% ABV vodka from the United States. The vodka is produced by Segram Vodka Company. The quality is considered to be ok. The average price is around $11.49 per 750mL. Rated 2 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

Segram’s since 1857. Enjoy our quality responsibly.

Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review

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I’ve shied away from Segram’s for a long time. My sister bought a bottle years ago before a party and it didn’t end well. As always, I’m willing to make a sacrifice for the review.

The Shot

Unsurprisingly, Segram’s vodka is horribly bitter. There is a pretty decent burn on the way down followed by a horribly bitter aftertaste. For some reason the flavor of the vodka reminds me of almonds, but not in a good way. If you don’t have a chaser with this vodka, you’ll regret it as your stomach tries to turn in on itself.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Segram’s at approximately 2 parts orange juice to 1 part vodka. Surprisingly, Segram’s Vodka is not a bad mixer. The flavors blend well with the OJ and acts as a complement.


Erin took a shot of Segram’s Vodka and noted the bad mouth flavor, bitter aftertaste, and slow, long burn. I her own words, “I don’t drink vodka straight, but if it takes more than a drink of chaser to kill the burn, it’s bad.” On the other hand, she said it mixes fairly well, and suggested that the vodka must be made to mix.

Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka is a rough brew if you’re drinking it straight. However, if you’re out trying to enjoy a cheap cocktail that doesn’t skimp on the taste, Segram’s might be just right.

Rated 1 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By daniel

    4 *****

    This is my regular, Friday-drinking vodka. It’s $9.99 plus tax where I live. I realize that people have their preferences, but people can be spoiled and manipulated by marketers. If you want something nasty tasting, get Kamchatka (or better yet, don’t- your head will thank you in the morning). Another brand that will appreciate Seagram’s vodka is Silver Wolf. Painful shades of my past… But I digress. If you want a drinkable, every day vodka, for a fair price, and if you’re not trying to impress someone with a pretty bottle, get Seagram’s.



  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By Ann

    5 *****

    you guys are crazy!! This is an Amazing Vodka for the price! it is 5x distilled and made in America!! Svedka is made in sweeden yet you cant buy a bottle in Sweeden!



  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By Matthew

    5 *****

    Tastes great to me straight or mixed. No hang over issues or bad after taste.



  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By Todd Robinette

    4 *****

    I drink vodka straight on the rocks and I found Seagrams to be surprising smooth and good.

    Todd Robinette


  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By Mark

    1 *****

    I normally don’t go for vodka this inexpensive and I never will again. There’s something very off when I drink this vodka. I got the worse hangover on not very much of this vodka. Even one screwdriver and I’m sweating and later having difficulty breathing asthma issues which never happens. I’m pouring this down the drain. Not worth whatever is in this vodka. I know it’s not the alcohol because other vodkas don’t do this.



  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By Ron Suarez

    1 *****

    Sorry, there is nothing extra smooth about this vodka. There’s a strong bitter taste and has a strong after taste. It was the cheapest vodka they had at my corner store. So I will buy this item more often. But I discovered a better cheaper vodka and it tastes a lot better, smoother also, but it was a few blocks away from my house. That Vodka is called Taaka.

    Ron Suarez


  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By joe

    1 *****

    cranberry juice is the only way I could drink it , O.J. didn’t work another website gave this a 4.5 out of 5 the bitter taste verges on rancid



  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By Yiyi

    1 *****

    Taste ok but the headache is kind of scary ill never drink this again



  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By Matt

    No Rating

    This vodka dropped my intellectual quota some 40 to 60 points the morning after. I think it’s better off being used as a grease cutting solvent than a beverage. The after taste has notes of asphalt and burnt propane. This is one to be gift your enemies with. Next…



  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By vodkagurl26

    No Rating

    I bought a bottle of this because it was not very expensive ($14.99) and it wasn’t very good. You get what you pay for. There is a bitter after taste I didn’t like. Mixed with OJ wasn’t great either. Switched to Svedka and haven’t been back.



  • Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Review By James

    No Rating

    This stuff is hangover central and tastes like fiery death. I tore through a bottle of this with some friends in college mixing it with cranberry juice or lemonade. I must be blessed because I never get hung over, just a little groggy after a night of over exuberance, but this stuff gave me a wicked headache. In my mind, the real differentiating factor between super-cheap vodka and the decent middle shelf stuff is the level of filtration to eliminate non-ethanol congeners that taste harsh and make you sick. You get what you pay for, I guess, but a few extra dollars in my opinion is worth something that won’t make you feel awful the next day.

    Seagram’s is more known for their gin than their vodka, but I would recommend that you avoid that as well and pick out a respectable cheap gin like Gordons for your G and T instead. It is the only gin I have ever seen with a slightly sticky texture and a yellow hue, as if sugar is added to it to negate the bitter unfiltered base grain alcohol.



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