Three Olives

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Three Olives is a 40% ABV vodka from United Kingdom. It is filtered with Charcoal. The vodka is produced by Three Olives Company and imported by Three Olives Company. The quality is considered to be good. The average price is around $2,233.28 per 750mL. Rated 3 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

Three centuries of perfection. Presenting the original, ultra-premium vodka from England. Handcrafted in small batches, Three Olives is made from the finest English wheat. Our method of quadruple distilling and quadruple filtering removes natural impurities, yielding a vodka of exceptional purity and smoothness. Three Olives celebrates the ultimate martini.

Three Olives Vodka Review

3 StarStarStarStarStar

After we tried Rain, we decided to see if there were any other higher-shelf vodkas hiding under lower-shelf prices.

The Shot

The shot is smooth on the pallet. The taste isn’t sweet, but it isn’t bitter. It’s an odd neutral taste, though there is some kind of slightly bitter flavor. The ethanol burn is mild, but undeniable, upon swallowing. The after taste is fairly bitter, though I can live without a chaser.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Three Olives Vodka with a couple different mixers. The first were two flavors of Amp energy drinks. The bitter flavor of the vodka came through to negatively impact the flavor. The second mixer was orange juice. Three Olives Vodka did really well in the screw drive. The o.j. covered up the bitters and made a tasty drink.


Daniel did a shot with me. He said it reminded him of Smirnoff, and that it burned a lot on the way down.

Three Olives Vodka is a decent vodka for the dollar. It isn’t the best shooter, but it’s an ok mixer.

Rated 3 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Three Olives Vodka Review By Bruce Kleinman

    4 *****

    I am a Grey Goose martini fan, but was pleasantly surprised by Three Olives.. It was smooth, a light alcohol bite and taste, and while not on a par with GG, at half the price it is considered a good substitute for saving a buck. I keep the vodka’s in the freezer, so that gives it a heavier flow.

    Bruce Kleinman


  • Three Olives Vodka Review By David

    No Rating

    This is ABSOLUTELY (pun intended) the best vodka I’ve EVER “tasted”! After trying highly rated Grey Goose & Stoli (both NASTY vile & bitter!) along with a few other less offensive brands including some cheap ones, Three Olives is a real treat. Like vodka SHOULD, it has no actual flavor. Once you get past the initial alcohol “burn” on your first sip, it’s like drinking water if you drink it straight up. It isn’t cheap, but it’s so smooth & doesn’t have that bitter twang that makes “high rated” vodkas so disgusting & like drinking an ashtray even sometimes. It’s so smooth you can make tasty kamikazes without even using triple sec.



    • Three Olives Vodka Review By taffyg2003

      I purchased a 1 liter bottle recently to try this in a martini, since I could not find any bars that stock it. The martini it makes is good, but not special in any way. It pours very watery without the more syrupy viscosity that I’ve seen from many of the better vodkas I’ve tried. The initial flavor is mild with a slight peppery bitterness and only a little sweetness to complement. The martini is fairly smooth, though, and has only a relatively mild burn when swallowed. Overall, I would give it 3 stars and place it somewhere in the middle of all of the vodkas I’ve tried so far. There are better more expensive vodkas, but also better less expensive vodkas, so I find it an unlikely repeat candidate for my freezer.


  • Three Olives Vodka Review By steven dv

    No Rating

    I have a better opinion of three olives. xlnt and mild; clean flavor; few next day bad effects. very good value

    steven dv


  • Three Olives Vodka Review By Romone

    5 *****

    I’m a Smirnoff fan but with the 3 olives I’m very impressed. Smooth flavorful and a few cents higher then the Smirnoff. The loopy is my favorite with red bull and a pineapple to garnish. By far the best tasting vodka on the market.



  • Three Olives Vodka Review By Donkitat

    No Rating

    I’ve tried many ‘cheap vodkas’ and this one is the best. For only about $12 it’s cheap, and flavorful. They have many great flavors. Bubble gum’s my favorite. It’s great with sprite, midori, and grenadine… with a plash of pineapple. It’s great for mixing, you can’t taste the vodka, only the flavor. You would think bubblegum would be nasty, but it’s really not.
    The ‘tang’ vodka is the nastiest one I’ve had from them. It didn’t taste citrusy at all. No mixer would cover the horrific rubbing alcohol flavor. It ended up going ‘up for grabs’. Even then it took my friends months to finish it.
    Most of their other flavors are great. I guess it all depends on what you’re mixing it with.
    It’s not a good straight vodka, you need to balance it out with something… but for the price, and compared to similarly priced vodkas, it is one of my favorites.



    • Three Olives Vodka Review By Robert

      I tried a shot of the bubble gum flavor a few weeks ago. It was good but I couldn’t think of anything I’d mix it with. Thanks for the suggestions!


  • Three Olives Vodka Review By Jason98684

    5 *****

    It makes an great mixer for my favorite recipe,

    Statutory Grape

    1 oz 3 olives GRAPE Vodka,
    1 oz Blue Curacao
    Spash of Sweet n Sour
    Just enough cranberry juice to make it purple

    its like an bar version of grape koolaid… yum



  • Three Olives Vodka Review By krystyna suska

    1 *****

    Three Olives Tartz is interchangeable with antifreeze.

    krystyna suska


  • Three Olives Vodka Review By Dave

    4 *****

    I had this once, in college. Since it was in college, it was straight – no mixer in sight, as always. I recall it being everything what I had prior was not. I didn’t wake up clutching my pillow, didn’t feel like I’d been assaulted by heavy machinery the night before, and didn’t lose any food nor stomach linings either. Hardly accolades, but college, right? For what it’s worth, I do recall that I had no issue choking the stuff down from the Dixie cups we “liberated” from the bathroom. Taste? Flavor? Hah. I don’t know. So, the anti-review. Given it’s only 25% more than really caustic products where I live, I don’t think it needs to be anything more than markedly less toxic than the worst to represent a good value. It’s something that, older and wiser (hah!),I’ll touch again. Won’t even fret or grimace prior to. The other stuff will never pass my lips again. Three Olives told me that vodka didn’t need to be a scary, violent spirit.

    Okay. It does have a stylish glass bottle. Nice presentation. It’s a good package and basically does what it sets out to be; it’s respectable, drinkable vodka at a popular, easily afforded price.



  • Three Olives Vodka Review By kassandra

    No Rating

    Try mixing the three olives bubble vodka with 7 up its great! No bad after taste and no burning on the way down. I’m not a big drinker but after trying this I fell in love.



  • Three Olives Vodka Review By Ben

    No Rating

    I tried this finally. It’s been sitting in my fridge for a week. I found it fairly neutral as a 1/2 shot. Since its from England and Boru is from Ireland, I thought “What better combo could there be? I mean, they’ve only fought so many wars…” So I followed it with a 1/2 shot of Boru, which I found slightly harsher. Retried the 3 Olives to confirm this. And then finished with some Sobieski. I’d rate it a bit below Sobieski for shooting. Three Olives doesn’t really have much character, but it mixed pretty well with my Diet Mountain Dew(TM), though. For $16 on sale, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. Not bad, but not great.



    • Three Olives Vodka Review By Robert

      I fully agree with you. It sounds like you’re loving the Sobieski. Sobieski will be better than a lot of stuff.

      You should create an account and put some of those prices in! There may not be much value in the price map right now, but I’m going to do a lot with it down the line. Creating an account will also save you from having to enter your information every time you comment.


  • Three Olives Vodka Review By Austin

    2 *****

    Me and wife did a blind taste test between Three Olives, Grey Goose, and SV Supreme. We picked the Three Olives over the SV and Grey Goose. SV came in second though…

    Great vodka for the price, one of the best of the 20 dollar bottles I would argue.



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