Fris Official Review

I first had Frïs — or Fris as I’ll be writing it for the rest of this review — several years ago. Jeremy and I were at a hole-in-the-wall liquor store and bought a bottle at the clerk’s suggestion. We were astounded by the quality and smoothness at such a low price point. In fact, I think reason I record a Bang For The Buck rating is because of Fris. That was over 6 years ago.Let’s see what my palate thinks now.

For the record, this is probably the 5th time I’ve tried to review Fris. For whatever reason, the vodka keeps disappearing before I get a chance.

By the by, my first anniversary is tomorrow. So, happy anniversary to my wonderful wife, Erin. Not only has she happily put up with me for a year, she’s also choked down quite a bit of vodka with me. She was there when I launched the site, and if it weren’t for her input and support, the site certainly wouldn’t where it is today. Happy anniversary, baby!

The Shot

Fris, like the claim on the bottle, has a great mouthfeel. It’s mildly bitter in the mouth, but the bitterness gets more pronounced after the swallow. However, there is little-to-no burn at that point. My mouth is slightly numb on the tip of the tongue (try saying that three times fast after a shot of vodka), but there is nothing unpleasant about this vodka. I made it without a chaser, for what it’s worth.

The Mixed Drink

When I mixed Fris with orange juice, I could taste the bitters of the vodka. The cocktail wasn’t sweet at all, but it doesn’t ruin the drink. It tastes better than a typical well vodka screwdriver. Isn’t a brilliant mixer, but there is no bad aftertaste.

This time around, I opted to mix Fris with two parts Sugar Free Red Bull. The bitters actually work against the generally overbearing flavors of the Red Bull, and makes a really good cocktail.


Daniel mixed Fris with Red Bull and thought it was not too overbearing or too strong for the mixer. He pointed out that it goes down well, no bad aftertaste. After his shot, he noted that Fris burns but is not bitter.

Even after all these years (and 5 attempted reviews), I still think Fris is a great vodka, especially considering the price. If you’re not hooked on Tito’s, Sobieski or Svedka, Fris is really worth trying. Even if you are, I’d still suggest it.

Robert Brodrecht

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