Vikingfjord Official Review

I’ve seen Vikingfjord for a long time but I never bothered to pick it up. I decided to give the vodka a taste. This is the first vodka from Norway I’ve tried. It is a potato vodka, though, which I’ve traditionally enjoyed.

The Shot

Vikinfjord is bitter up front and stays bitter on the pallet even after the swallow. It burns a bit on the way down. While I could get by without a chaser, it’s really nice to have one.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Vikingfjord with Strawberry Breeze, a Welch’s flavor. There are some moderate bitter flavors from the vodka that come through the sweet mixer. After swallowing the drink, the bitters stick around on my pallet. It’s not a good sign when I want a chaser for my cocktail. This is a typical response for a vodka in this price range, however. It may pass in a club situation, but it isn’t great for casual drinking.


Vikingfjord is a decent entry in the lower midrange. For the price, however, there are better vodkas for the price like Sobieski.

Robert Brodrecht

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