Absolut Likes Copper Stills

We posted before about Absolut Elyx, but Marc Roland Rosales, Pernod Ricard Philippines commercial director, had a little more to add to the small batch copper stills used in the beverage in an article at inquirer.net. Its latest product, Absolut Elyx, is created using a copper rectification still—“basically, a big pot of copper that distills the different ingredients into vodka,” said Rosales. “We use copper because it’s believed to be the metal that best purifies

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Zubrowka Reboot

Harpers reports that Zubrowka is getting a branding reboot.  The premium rye vodka from north-east Poland will be targeted at 25 to 40-year-old “authenticity-seeking drinkers” with a new look based on the illustrations of artist Kristjana S Williams. Sounds a bit like Absolut Elyx, huh?

Absolut Ads at Spritmuseum

There are plenty of great things about Sweden, but the one that interests us most is Absolut vodka. Absolut made a name for itself by creating unique art-driven ad campaigns, including creations by important figures like Andy Warhol. Recently, though, Spritmuseum in Sweden has installed a permanent exhibition including 70 pieces of Absolut’s art after the Swedish government handed over the goods. The VodkaBuzz readership is primarily US-centric, but if you ever get over to

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Absolut Elyx: Farmpunk Vodka

Absolut, the largest food and beverage exporter in Sweden, has created a new sub-brand called Elyx. According to Mumbrella, Absolut says the vodka is targeted at consumers that appreciate the craftsmanship of the products they buy. Absolut points out the “farmpunk” movement as an example of their target market. I had never heard of farmpunk before. Apparently they make interesting furniture, though That Green Stuff describes farmpunk as “a neo-agrarian who approaches [agri]culture, community development

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Vodka Nation

Back in August, 2011, The Weekly Standard published an article called the Vodka Nation by Victorino Matus. It’s an ambitious piece of journalism that covers the rise of vodka in America, including several detailed accounts of particular brands attempts to corner the market. Absolut’s ad campaigns as well as Sidney Frank’s invention of Grey Goose are interesting highlights. The article also covers the effect of celebrity endorsment on a vodka brand. Vodka Nation is quite

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