Bruce Willis Supports Belvedere Restructure

Sobieski spokesman Bruce Willis will vote to restructure Sobieski’s parent company Belvedere in the wake of bankruptcy protection, according to the Global Post. Bruce Willis apparently became the top individual shareholder due to his promotion of Sobieski. I expected a top shareholder to support the company, but I didn’t know Bruce Willis was the top individual shareholder. You learn something new every day.

Blackbook Asks Can A Spirit Be Too Cheap To Win?

BlackBook took a look at Exclusiv and wondered if a spirit can be too cheap to succeed. With a $10 price tag, they were quite pleased with Exclusiv over all, but worried that people would dismiss it as bottom shelf. If you’re reading this post, you probably know about some great cheap vodkas like Sobieski and don’t really care what you pay as long as the vodka is great. The real question is whether most

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The Holiday List

Happy holidays to everyone from VodkaBuzz, and congrats in advance for surviving the Mayan apocalypse! We put together a little list to help you with your merry making and gift giving. Here’s the Holiday List for 2012.