Barton Vodka

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Barton Vodka is a 40% ABV vodka from the United States. It is filtered with Charcoal. The vodka is produced by Barton Brands. The quality is considered to be bad. The average price is around $4.71 per 750mL. Rated 1 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

Barton charcoal filtered vodka. Product of the U.S.A. 100% neutral spirits distilled from grain. Bottled by Barton Distilling Company. Bardstown, Kentucky. Los Angeles, California. Owensboro, Kentucky.

Barton Vodka Review

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Before now, I’ve never tried Barton Vodka. To be honest, I’ve never seen or heard of Barton Vodka until I started reviewing vodkas. It sits on the bottom shelf with other vodkas I commonly ignore.

The Shot

The taste is immediately bitter. It’s bold at first and gets stronger the longer it sits in my mouth. I notice the moisture being pulled from my tongue like I have with other cheap vodkas (e.g. Skol or Aristocrat). When I swallow, there is a strong, parching, ethanol burn. The bitterness fills the back of my throat. A chaser is required.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed with Passion Fruit juice. Barton’s mixes surprisingly well. It tastes slightly more bitter than Smirnoff when mixed. Barton Vodka is bearable, but certainly too bitter for casual drinking. If you’re pressed for a cheap Smirnoff replacement (though I hope you are never required to do such), Barton Vodka would be a great choice.


Barton Vodka is better than most other bottom shelf vodkas, but doesn’t quite fall into the bottom of the middle range. If you need a really cheap vodka, Barton Vodka is probably what you want. However, if you like the people you’re drinking with, I’d suggest shelling out the extra cash for Smirnoff.

Rated 0 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Barton Vodka Review By Steve

    5 *****

    Shittiest Vodka but I love Dr. Barton’s! I would pick it over anything everytime. I’m a broke college student and I got used to it goes down like water now.



  • Barton Vodka Review By Dirtbag

    5 *****

    I’m a vodka connoisseur and Barton is top notch. I would definetly recommend this to a person who enjoys the fruit of life. Barton’s isn’t just a vodka it’s a way of life. It easily ranks with if not better than that of grey goose and ciroc.

    Thanks Barton’s
    P.s. Hit that shit brah!



  • Barton Vodka Review By zbad

    5 *****

    If you are a poor college student this is the way to go. If you cant drink it straight grow a pair it really isn’t that bad… Just be careful how much you drink its more potent than you think



  • Barton Vodka Review By Bubbles

    4 *****

    I can walk down the street and buy 1.75 liters of this vodka for twelve dollars. If you like booze you’ll like barton vodka. It doesn’t taste good though. But you’ll certainly like the feeling of ethanol in your brain, if you like being really drunk. If you like being a little drunk, but want a bottle to last a long time. Bartons! If your trying to kill yourself for as little money as possible? Chug a bottle of Bartons!



  • Barton Vodka Review By Jager Drinker

    No Rating

    The most worst vodka or alcohol that I’ve ever had. Every time I drink 1/2 -1 fifth of this crap (mix drink or not), I wake up the next morning feeling like I’m dying!!! I have a huge headache and sleepiness, my stomach feels like it’s been ripped apart by drinking glass.. Also, I get very nauseated, diahrea, gas, bad body pains and aches, and weakness. It feels as if this crap “dries out” my joints and causes severe knee and other joint pains. I don’t vomit though, thank God. All of this, even when I drink water and eat both before, and after drinking… My recommendation is to NOT touch it at all. If you’re broke or want/need to wait til payday, go sober or please, PLEASE, buy at least Popov or anything else!

    Jager Drinker


  • Barton Vodka Review By BabbleBoo

    5 *****

    Glorious. This was my first drink ever. After 44 years of life abstaining, this was a warm welcome into the drinking world. I drank a bunch: probably 2.5 shots of the crazy nectar and I’ve got nothing but thumbs up for this glory sauce. GO BARTON !



  • Barton Vodka Review By davie

    No Rating

    Worst piece of shit ever. Gives me immediate headache and doesnt even get me drunk. Dont buy this nasty shit! Fucking disgusting.



  • Barton Vodka Review By Vodka man

    No Rating

    I’m new to drinking Vodka. Champagne/ tequila all the way. I bought some cheap Vodka at the booze-store for a cheap mixer. Got some stuff called Barton. It taste like water filtered through my Sketching supplies. 40% alc, but if you must drink it, mix that shit with some pineappple juice, or anything sweet. Or better yet, skip this. Maybe if you’re broke? Or want to legally murder a friend?

    Vodka man


  • Barton Vodka Review By Dan

    3 *****

    Very cheap. $10 for a 1.75 liter. 40% abv.

    Compared it side by side with smirnoff (which just tastes like ethanol) and it has a relatively unpleasant profile with notes of sulfur and ammonia.

    This difference isn’t really noticeable unless you put them side by side, the flavor is around 95% ethanol, like any vodka should be.

    No issues with hangovers or unusual effects.

    It mixes well, don’t see any difference between it and a 20 or 30 dollar vodka when mixed.

    With vodka if you’re going to mix it, you should always aim for the best value unless you like wasting money. Whisky, other spirits with flavor, are a different story. If you want to drink it like a russian, you should spend a few more dollars for smirnoff or a low-mid shelf $15 bottle that doesn’t taste like urine.



  • Barton Vodka Review By abe

    1 *****

    First off most of you must be kidding with your high ratings. We drank this stuff in high school and it was pretty bad. Vodka is pretty rough stuff period but if you do buy top shelf it is much better than bartons. You really do get what you pay for. Drink bourbon or ipa…



  • Barton Vodka Review By b yoast

    5 *****

    Best when mixed unless you want to taste the b omb ness drink straight Bart ons out the bottle superior taste i pick over gray goose any day

    b yoast


  • Barton Vodka Review By andie

    No Rating

    we drank this a lot in college (big suprise, right?). we did a mystery shot party one night where you took 2 shots when you walked into the room – one was barton’s run through a brita water filter and the other was absolut – and barton’s through a brita won 60% of the vote. i found barton’s through a brita to be less bitter and significantly cheaper than any other name-brand vodka.



  • Barton Vodka Review By aintalcohol

    No Rating

    Ive drank about 7 shots of a 750ml bottle and dont have a buzz. I dont recommend.



  • Barton Vodka Review By Coreytrevor

    No Rating

    Asian Bistro in town uses this cheap stuff in their overpriced drinks. They have all the nice top shelf stuff on the bar for show. Barton sucks



  • Barton Vodka Review By nichole daniel

    No Rating

    i personally am not a huge fan of vodkas but the more expensive brands seem to be worth there buck instead of the “bottom shelf” brands

    nichole daniel


  • Barton Vodka Review By Smedly Smedly

    No Rating

    Smedly Smedly doesn’t normally drink lowlife vodka’s such as this Bartons brand. brands such as these are only for welfare recipients like you see in the run down neighborhoods. Bartons isn’t for superior living persons with sophisticated pallets such as the posters in this topic. therefore i would say if it doesn’t cost $50 a bottle, should we even be talking about it here ? Mozzletoff to all my fellow top shelf party pallet people.

    Smedly Smedly


    • Barton Vodka Review By b yoast

      B.S takes a pallet to be a drinker and Bartons is noth flavor great superior when mixed


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