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Snow Queen Calendar

If you like vodka and scantly clad women in Victorian-era undergarments (and who doesn’t?), check out Snow Queen’s latest calendar shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. GQ has the photos online if you want to take a look. For a mere £150, you can get a copy of the calendar on Snow Queen’s website.

Plush Vodka and Watermelon

To get your Friday started off right, check out this plush vodka and watermelon. It’s the perfect toy for your tot, and it can be yours for $100.

Easily Infuse Vodka with Aqua Zinger

Infusing vodka is a great way to add some flavor, but it takes time to completely infuse. Things are looking up, though, with a new line of infusion bottles from ZingAnything. The Zinger infusers are double walled (so they don’t sweat) bottles with a chamber at the bottom to pulverize fruit. In 15 minutes, the vodka (or water) steeps in the fruit, infusing it with the fruit flavors. You can make up your own combinations

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A Beer Alternative for Vodka Drinkers

Drink Spirits shared what I consider to be a great alternative to beer for vodka drinkers called Air, short for Alcohol Inspired Refresher. The down side of vodka is that it’s easy to go too far. Beer has a relatively low alcohol content, so it takes a fair amount to get a buzz going. Plus, vodka isn’t quite as portable as beer out of the box. Air is a 4% ABV “malt beverage” that is

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Happy Independence Day!

If you’re hosting a Independence Day party, here are some supplies and vodka suggestions you don’t want to miss. Vodkas Americana Luxury Vodka (5 Stars from New Jersey): You’ll have a hard time finding a more patriotic looking American vodka. With quality to back it up, put this vodka on your list. Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka (5 Stars from Austin, Texas): There’s nothing like sweet tea vodka when you need a relaxing drink in

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Convert Your Vodka with Still Spirits Top Shelf

Gizmodo has a nice review of Still Spirits Top Shelf. These small bottles of flavoring can transform your favorite vodka into almost any liquor. Using gas chromatograph, Still Spirits analyzes big-name brands such as Jack Daniels or Bombay Sapphire to determine the difference in the constituents of the liquor, then they create a liquid that contains some of those missing pieces. Adam Southard of Still Spirits puts it simply, “We’re rebuilding molecules from scratch.” Overall,

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Vodka Spiked Candy

A trend has been making its way around the blogosphere recently of spiking candy with vodka. It’s pretty easy to set up. First, get your favorite “gummie” style candy and put it in a bowl. Next, fill the bowl with vodka until all the candy is covered. Finally, let it sit covered in the refrigerator for 3-5 days, stirring a couple of times every day. When it’s done, the candy will be swollen with vodka.

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Friday Links: Crime, Punishment, and Vodka

This week’s Friday Links include a great punishment for social media faux pas, an odd thief, more flavored / infused vodkas, cleaning CDs with vodka, and vodka mouth spray for a short buzz. Social Media Punishment If you haven’t already heard the story about the most hilarious punishment for improper use of social media, here’s the short story. Writer ReShonda Tate Billingsley let her 12-year-old daughter sign up on Instagram. Her daughter subsequently posted a

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Shot Glass Card

Know anybody with a birthday coming up? This shot glass card costs $5.00. All you do is punch the shape out of the card, do a little origami, and you get a little paper shot glass. It makes it even better that the card is pretty cool looking, too.