Top Ten Best Vodkas

We put together some not-very-impressive algorithms to figure out what is the best vodka on VodkaBuzz. Using metrics from the site, we figured out what vodkas are popular at VodkaBuzz, what vodkas we like the best, and what vodka is the best value. Take a look below!

Most Interesting


Most Interesting Runners Up:

  1. New Amsterdam Vodka
  2. Chopin
  3. Tito's Handmade Vodka
  4. Burnett's Vodka
  5. Military Special
  6. Crystal Head
  7. Barton Vodka
  8. Luksusowa
  9. Deep Eddy Vodka

Site Favorite


Site Favorite Runners Up:

  1. Tito's Handmade Vodka
  2. Luksusowa
  3. Svedka
  4. Burnett's Vodka
  5. New Amsterdam Vodka
  6. Rain
  7. Deep Eddy Vodka
  8. 42 BELOW
  9. Chopin

Bang for the Buck


Bang for the Buck Runners Up:

  1. Pinnacle Whipped
  2. Moskovskaya Vodka
  3. Svedka
  4. Fris
  5. Pinnacle Tropical Punch
  6. Oddka
  7. Oryza
  8. Dukes Sweet Vodka
  9. Dukes Sweet T Vodka